Gardner Mixers were ahead of their time, shown here a circa 1920 Gardner Ribbon Mixer featuring an inlet with an oscillating plate to control the feed rate and a brush sifter to enhance the ingredients before mixing. Through the years, the reputation of Kemutec’s Gardner mixing technology and manuf... [read more]

The model CMS-DSPO (Compact Motion Switch – Dual Setpoint Pulse Output) by Conveyor Components Company is a rugged and dependable loss of motion device for use on most rotating equipment; including overland conveyors, rotary valves, fans, crushers, delumpers, blenders, packaging equipment and other ... [read more]

Treating the cause and not the symptoms For plant owners in the process industry, cutting corners on safety to reduce costs can be a very expensive mistake. One dramatic example is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which was a direct consequence of the explosion on the oil platform Deepwater Hori... [read more]

In cooperation with a German specialist, Shanghai IVA has invented a new type of classifier which has neither rotor nor motor. It is specially designed for classification of hard materials and working under high temperature conditions, such as classifying pure quartz, metal powder, carbon black ...e... [read more]

METTLER TOLEDO exhibited the new ACT350 compact weight transmitter that provides very fast connectivity to a PLC system via EtherNet/IP and PROFINET industrial networks. The ACT350 is designed for the needs of control system integrators and OEM machine builders. An integrated OLED display shows weig... [read more]

To upgrade their twenty-year old plant, in 2011, KONKORD, from the Russian city of Smolensk on the Dnieper River, decided to invest into a polymer granules processing system, the company’s main product being copper-core electric cables. Previously to the investment, KONKORD had to purchase cable ins... [read more]

As a complete systems provider for packaging lines, BEUMER Group offers the BEUMER fillpac for the efficient filling of bags with material from the construction materials, cement, mineral and chemical industries. In order to further increase the performance and efficiency of this filling machine, th... [read more]

The Top Worldwide bulk-online eDirectory Companies Please visit the listings of these leading powder and bulk solids handling and processing companies and see how they present themselves and what they might be able to do for you and your operation. They finance this Portal and the powder/bulk commu... [read more]

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115 years of experience are available in design, production and assembly at site of bulk handling systems for heavy Industrial purposes from the Dutch company Jansen & Heuning. We developed a patented FIBC which can be filled fully automatic and no operator is required. Please watch this Video.... [read more]

Smart Bulk Technology! Geroldinger was founded in 1921 as a mill construction firm. Since 1972, we have primarly concentrated on the handling of difficult bulk solids.  Sustainable management is as important to us as the constant development and improvement of our solutions and organisation. Toda... [read more]

Founded in 1962, the Rulmeca Group has grown to be a leading partner to the global materials handling industry. With its three product brands, Rulmeca, Precismeca and Melco, Rulmeca Group is the world’s largest supplier of rollers/idlers and motorized pulleys for heavy duty belt conveyors for quarri... [read more]

As an industry trailblazer, the Raymond® brand is highly regarded as the global expert and leader in the development of size reduction and air classification technologies. Raymond equipment and systems are known for their quality and performance ability, and have set the standard in size reduction. ... [read more]


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WEBINAR on 3rd August, 2017 From Mine to Blast Furnace – Optimizing the steelmaking process with bulk material simulation. One of the main challenges faced by the steelmaking industry is to improve energy efficiency while maintaining steel quality. Bulk materials such as iron ore, coal, pellets and ...... [read more]

Vulcanizing Press Wanted

In Used & Refurbished Equipment by Ganesh Sridharan
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Wanted 2nd hand shaw almex or similar x 1800mm belt width Wanted a Shaw Almex or similar beam press to vulcanize belts up to 1800mm wide. Press is for fabric belt only up to a PN800/4 10X2 COVERS Must be water cooled Please email me direct to Kind Regards Frank Huysmans State...... [read more]

Dome Storage Structure

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Dear Sirs, Since 1991, we have been develop our dome concept and after the construction of the Saldome (diameter close to 100m free span) in Switzerland,we believe it’s possible the use in other projects our bulk storage dome system in Glulam timber with the advantage in durability, fire resistance ...... [read more]

Dear Bulkoholics, We have just learned that our friend Dr Ing. Hayri Ergun passed away on March 26, 2017. Dr. Ergun is a Graduate of the TU Clausthal, Germany, also our former Alma Mater. Dr. Ergun was a leading figure in our field, as can be witnessed here: and at many other places on this Portal. ...... [read more]

I am looking after RMHS system including stacker and reclaimer. MY contact Address : +91 7381007160 / 8980000840 Regards, Thanks & Regards, K Sivakumar | Jt. Gen. Manager | Essar Steel India Ltd. | Udayabata,Dist:Jagatsinghpur,Paradeep-754142 | Odisha | India | T +91 09879100305 | +91 261 6683817 Ex...... [read more]

Hi Everyone, Hosokawa is hosting an educational webinar called “Dangers of Inaccurate Particle Size Analysis” on Wednesday, June 14th. You can read more at: Dangers of Inaccurate Particle Size Analysis – Educational Webinar Managers know that inaccurate particle size analysis can create dangerous wo...... [read more]


The “Bulkoholics” No. 11

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POWTECH 2016  in Nürnberg, Germany (April 19 – 21, 2016) was again the Greatest Show on Earth in the field of powder and bulk solids handling and processing. We have published several hundred photos about this show, in six (6) parts, already, and you find those here: POWTECH 2016 - A Photo Gallery ... [read more]

We visited the Palampur Co-Operative Tea Factory and share a few photos showing some hard working bulkoholics. Remember these pictures when you have your next cup of Kangra tea. Palampur is a green hill station and a municipal council in the Kangra Valley in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, su... [read more]

The “Bulkoholics” No. 9

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Dear Bulkoholics, today we will show a few photos of PGBSIA 2013, The International Conference on Powder, Granule and Bulk Solids: Innovations and Applications, held at Thapar University, Patiala, India on November 28-30, 2013, the first of its kind in Northern India. (You find the Technical Progr... [read more]

The "Bulkoholics" No. 8

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Dear Bulkoholics, we want to share a few photographs from a memorable visit to WAMGROUP in Ponte Motta/Cavezzo (MO), Italy in June 2007. Our host was Michael Grass, Corporate Public Relations Manager. _______ Some Statistics (as of April 7, 2016): The “Bulkoholics” No. 1 – February 13, 2016  –  70... [read more]

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Automatisch zu mehr Leistung Um Materialien der Baustoff-, Zement-, Mineralstoff- und Chemieindustrie effizient in Säcke zu füllen, hat die BEUMER Group als Komplettanbieter für Verpackungslinien den BEUMER fillpac im Programm. Für diese Anlage hat der Systemlieferant nun den BEUMER bag placer für V... [read more]

Wallace, MI, USA – Advanced Blending Solutions (ABS) hat seinen ersten automatischen und selbstreinigenden Blender vorgestellt. Mit dieser Technologie wird die konsequente Entwicklung der kontinuierlichen, gravimetrischen Blender der SIMPLICITY Baureihe fortgeführt. Entwickelt wurde der SIMPLICITY... [read more]

·      Brabender Technologie hat sich sechs Jahrzehnte nach seiner Gründung als einer der weltweit führenden Anbieter für Geräte und Systeme zum Wägen, Dosieren, Austragen, Steuern und der Durchflussmessung von Schüttgütern etabliert. ·      Als Teil ihres Selbstverständnisses bietet das Unternehmen... [read more]

Seit 2004 gibt es ihn schon, den C-20 DeDuster® von Pelletron. Entwickelt wurde er für die kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie. Spritzgiesser lieben das Gerät wegen seiner einfachen Bedienung (oder Bedienfreundlichkeit), die unübertroffene Reinigungseffizienz und den niedrigen Anschaffungswert. Spri... [read more]

Safety is for life: Das Leben der Kunden zu schützen, sodass die Mitarbeiter der Industriebetriebe abends wieder bei ihren Familien sein können. Das ist die Mission des inhabergeführten Unternehmens REMBE. „Ohne Produkte geht im Explosionsschutz nicht viel, das ist richtig. Nur durch vorbeugende Ma... [read more]

In der Deponie Tüfentobel transportiert ein RopeCon®  der Firma Doppelmayr Transport Technology GmbH  seit 2005 Inertmaterialien entlang eines langgestreckten Tals, das hinterfüllt werden soll. Das Band wird in mehreren Etappen verlängert und entlädt die Inertmaterialien direkt dort, wo sie eingebau... [read more]

Die meisten Fördergurte werden von zahllosen Biegewechseln, von Aufschlagbeanspruchung, von Fremdkörpern, die sie durchdringen können, oder von versagenden Anlagenteilen, außerordentlich stark belastet. Ein Versagen oder eine schwere Beschädigung des Fördergurtes hat oft dramatische Konsequenzen. E... [read more]

Durchführungen von Explosionsprüfungen zum Test von Bauteilfestigkeiten, Explosions- und Brandversuche sowie Druckproben sind ein kleiner Ausschnitt des Portfolios des neuen REMBE Research + Technology Center (kurz: RTC) Kunden können dort Bauteile auf ihre Festigkeit prüfen lassen oder die übliche... [read more]