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Marietta (GA), United States – Dos Santos International has begun the start up of its patented DSI Sandwich belt Adder Snake conveyor for the Yara Sluiskil shiploader upgrade project in the Netherlands. DSI was awarded supply of their Sandwich conveyor by Bedeschi S. p. A., who was awarded the contr... [read more]

Lincoln (NE), United States – BinMaster is excited to join the K-State Bulk Solids Innovation Center (BSIC) as it shapes the future for bulk solids industry professionals. The company has been asked to educate students about level measurement at the upcoming three-day course on Storage and Flow of B... [read more]

Purmerend, Netherlands – In November 2019, ESI Eurosilo successfully concluded the inspections of the shipments for eight Coal Silos to the construction site of the new thermal power plant in Seocheon South Korea. The companies contract partner Daeyang Rollent, their customer HSHI and the end-user K... [read more]

By R. Stepper, R. Shields –After almost 30 years of utilization, a North-American Silver- and Gold-Mine took action together with specialists of Martin Engineering to update its conveyor system with improvements regarding safety, spillage reduction, endurance and efficiency. (From the archive of ”bu... [read more]

Dortmund, Germany – As raw materials grow ever scarcer and environmental pollution ever more acute, the responsible and economical use of resources becomes increasingly important. Ensuring that recyclable raw materials find their way back into the economic cycle is now the focus of day-to-day busine... [read more]

Utica (NY), United States – A new sanitary Model RCM36X9SS Rotary Continuous Mixer from Munson Machinery blends dry bulk solids with or without liquid additions, in-line at low cost over long production runs. Intended for dust-free mixing of bulk materials in large volumes, it blends primary bulk in... [read more]

By R. Steven –A new generation of conveyor belts and belt monitoring technology reduces conveyor belt capital and operating costs by using lower belt strengths than previously thought possible. Key factors are improvements in splice performance, energy efficient rubbers and real-time belt condition ... [read more]

By H. van de Ven, H. Beers, G. Lodewijks, S. Drenkelford –In addition to textile and steelcord reinforcements for conveyor belts, Aramid can be found in numerous applications, mainly due to its heat and corrosion resistance. But it can also help reduce installation costs, energy usage and, thus, the... [read more]

By R. Felde –Running auxiliary power on long belt conveyors can be both complicated and costly, requiring expensive labor and oversized cables to accommodate the inevitable voltage drop over long runs, as well as transformers, conduit and other components. (From the archive of ”bulk solids handling"... [read more]

Whitstable, United Kingdom – A new Flexicon BULK-OUT® Model BFF Bulk Bag Discharger features a steel safety cage to prevent contact with moving parts during operation and automated unloading of bulk bags. The enclosure features externally-mounted controls and full height doors with an Intrinsically ... [read more]

Ajax Equipment Hopper for Atomising Systems

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Bolton, United Kingdom – Solids handling equipment specialist, Ajax Equipment, has supplied leading atomising technology provider, Atomising Systems, with a stainless-steel feed hopper. The new hopper forms part of metal powder handling system, replacing an existing Ajax hopper. Atomising Systems pr... [read more]

Edinburgh, United Kingdom – Altair a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing and data analytics, has released Altair EDEM 2020, a leading Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk and granular material simulation. EDEM is used for virtua... [read more]

Aus der Industrie

Hamburg, Deutschland – Minebea Intec bietet jetzt eine neue, innovative Weiterentwicklung der Erfolgswägezelle PR 6201 an: Die Wägezelle Inteco eröffnet Kunden unterschiedlicher Industrien ab sofort ein deutlich erweitertes Spektrum an Möglichkeiten – von der einfachen Füllmengenkontrolle bis hin zu... [read more]

Nuremberg Germany – Zur POWTECH 2019 geht erstmals der Networking Campus an den Start, das junge Ideenlabor der POWTECH für die Technologien und Märkte von morgen. Der Networking Campus ist kommunikativer Treffpunkt und Diskussionsplattform für junge Forscher, Start-ups und Entwickler. Herzstück de... [read more]

Hamburg, Deutschland – Mit der neuen Applikation EasyFill bietet Minebea Intec ab sofort eine innovative Lösung zur einfachen Ein-Komponenten-Dosierung. Die Software gewährleistet eine unkomplizierte und automatisierte Abfüllung von Rohmaterialien wie Flüssigkeiten, Pulver und Granulaten. Dies reduz... [read more]

Quickborn, Germany – Die MBA Instruments GmbH präsentiert dem Fachpublikum der diesjährigen POWTECH eine weitere Produktoptimierung innerhalb der Füllstandmesstechnik: Die MBA800-Drehflügelserie wird durch den neu konzipierten Schwenkflügel ergänzt. Die neue MBA801 Halfpipe ermöglicht eine Messung i... [read more]

Ispringen, Deutschland – Als die Versorgung der Maschinen im ein Werk der Procter & Gamble Manufacturing GmbH mit den vielen verschiedenen Materialien  zu unflexibel wurde, wurde die Entscheidung getroffen, in eine neue Anlage zu investieren. KOCH-Technik installierte eine zentrale Materialverso... [read more]

Hamburg, Deutschland – Minebea Intec stellt seinen Kunden in ein agiles, vielseitiges Servicetool zur Verfügung. „miRemote“ ermöglicht dem Anwender standortunabhängig direkten Zugriff auf die Serviceleistungen des Unternehmens. Der Sofort-vor-Ort-Service funktioniert mit Hilfe einer App. Über einen ... [read more]

Brilon, Deutschland – Die REMBE live Demonstrationen sind seit vielen Jahren fester Bestandteil der POWTECH. Gleiches gilt für den Hauptakteur Roland Bunse – seit den 1990er Jahren eine feste Größe im Explosionsschutz, ebenso lange bei REMBE und seit 2 Jahren Leiter der REMBE Research + Technology C... [read more]

Aerzen, Germany – Die erfolgreiche Schraubenverdichtergeneration Delta Screw von AERZEN bekommt Zuwachs: Mit dem Verdichter-Aggregat VM 100 umfasst die vielseitige E-Compressor-Reihe jetzt sieben Modellvarianten. Seine Erkennungsmerkmale: die effiziente Technologie für den Einsatz im oberen Volumens... [read more]

Meet our bulk-online Leaders

Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc. Carrier is internationally known for outstanding innovation in the field of vibratory technology. Our reputation was founded on our ability and commitment to solve the unique processing application problems of our clients. Carrier specializes in the manufacture o... [read more]

As an industry trailblazer, the Raymond® brand is highly regarded as the global expert and leader in the development of size reduction and air classification technologies. Raymond equipment and systems are known for their quality and performance ability, and have set the standard in size reduction. ... [read more]

Meet our bulk-online Leader: Rulmeca Group

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Founded in 1962, the Rulmeca Group has grown to be a leading partner to the global materials handling industry. With its three product brands, Rulmeca, Precismeca and Melco, Rulmeca Group is the world’s largest supplier of rollers/idlers and motorized pulleys for heavy duty belt conveyors for quarri... [read more]

Meet our "bulk-online Leader": The Köppern Group

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Today, the Köppern Group is a modern, high-tech German group of companies at the forefront of plant and machinery manufacturing for various processes related to the fertilizer, cement, minerals and metalworking industries. Köppern’s business is built on three different, but interrelated, process tec... [read more]

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Greetings Forum Friends If you are planning on expanding or updating your Bulk Handling Terminal, you may be interested in the following SURPLUS BULK HANDLING EQUIPMENT: -(3) Rail Mounted Hoppers with Dust Control -System Covered Conveyors -Unit Train Loadout System rated 2500tph on rock Comes with ...... [read more]

Greetings Forum Friends We are pleased to offer a Rail Mounted Shiploader for Wood Pellets and Wood Chips, for sale. This rail mounted machine delivers product by Pneumatic or Conveyor. Luffing/Slewing action of boom. Rates: -Wood Pellets 1650MTPH -Wood Chips 1000MTPH Loads up to Panamax size vessel...... [read more]

Services in Bulk Material Handling

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After ruining self for the last 38 years with more then 500 clients,companies in various sectors like cement,port,fertiliser,logistics/CFS,fly ash, gypsum,solar power, green building material, tile/board manufacturing specially using waste products,chemical,power sector,engineering consultants from ...... [read more]

NNE Pharmaplan Expands in India

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NNE Pharmaplan expands its activities in India 14 November 2008 Today NNE Pharmaplan announced the official opening of a new office in Mumbai, India. By expanding its activities in India, one of the world’s largest medicine-producing markets, NNE Pharmaplan takes an important step towards meeting th...... [read more]

Complete rock bulk terminal for sale-used

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Greetings Forum Friends We are pleased to offer a COMPLETE PHOSPHATE ROCK TERMINAL for sale. From (3) Rail Mounted Mobile Hoppers, with Dust Control, to all Covered Conveyors to Train Loadout. Assortment of SMAG Grabs included. All Equipment is in Excellent Condition, and built to Highest Standards....... [read more]

Surplus bucket-wheel excavators for sale

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Greetings Forum Friends We are pleased to offer (2) Crawler Mounted Bucket-Wheel Excavators for sale: -(1) 4000tph presently dismantled for shipping, fully documented dismantle process -(1) 13000tph Bucket-Wheel package, complete with Conveyors -(1) 1800tph Continuous Surface Easi-Miner, drum type m...... [read more]

Who is who

Braeside (VIC), Australia – On August 22, Sean Kinder, Field Applications Engineer at Kinder Australia Pty. Ltd. was presented with the prestigious AW Roberts Award in acknowledgement of his outstanding contribution as a young engineer in the bulk materials handling field. “The award, named in hono... [read more]

Tuckahoe (NY), United States – Elcan Industries Inc. announced that Edel Rodriguez will serve as the company’s new Director of Business Development, Americas. Edel joins the company with vast experience in the sieving industry and has over 10 years of knowledge and know how in the sieving arena. Ed... [read more]

Rheinberg, Germany – On 1st March 2018 Reiner Furthmann took on the position of Managing Director Technology at AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH in Rheinberg, Germany. His main responsibilities are Research & Development, Design & Engineering, Quality Assurance, Production, Materials Management / P... [read more]

Marietta, GA - The business built from the ambitions of a young Portuguese immigrant is celebrating 20 years in operation. Joe Dos Santos, the Founder and President of Dos Santos International, was brought to the land of opportunity in 1959. He dreamed of starting a family company. That dream became... [read more]

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