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Ask the Airsweep Guy from Control Concepts: Preventative Maintenance of Solenoid Valves

Edited by mhd on 21. Dec. 2023
Control Concepts, Inc. is pleased to introduce the second installment in their video web series, “Ask The Airsweep Guy”. Episode two, “Preventative Maintenance (Part 1): Solenoid Valves”, is available for viewing now and focuses on the importance of PM for components within a pneumatic flow aid system such as Airsweep® Material Flow System. This new segment provides step-by-step instructions for servicing two common sizes of solenoid-operated, pulse-type diaphragm valves.

​“Ask The Airsweep Guy” is produced and hosted by Paul Rose, Airsweep Sales Manager for Control Concepts, Inc. Paul has been working with Airsweep systems since 1997, first with Myrlen, Inc. and now for Control Concepts. Along with his father, Len, they were awarded a U.S. Patent in 2001 for “High Pressure Aerator Valve”, more commonly known as the Myrlen Airsweep. In 2009 Myrlen was purchased by Control Concepts and Paul continues with his efforts to help companies throughout the world solve their bulk material flow problems with this unique pneumatic flow aid.

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