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Selection of Roller Bearings: The Challenge of Bulk Material Conveyor Systems

Written by Loeffler, V. edited by mhd on 8. Feb. 2024
When it comes to conveyor systems in particular, the choice of rolling bearings depends on knowing precisely what their future application will be. Indeed, when the many components of conveyor systems are assembled for optimum interaction they allow a diverse range of goods to be moved.

To select the correct bearing for a certain application, knowledge about the precise conditions in which it is to be used is indispensable. Of course, LFD’s engineers know from experience the different conditions that apply, for example, for unit loads or bulk materials and heavy bulk materials compared to airport baggage conveyors or even applications in the food industry.

Bulk materials with different flow and pouring properties are divided into stockpiles – or, in the case of fine bulk materials, held in silos – and put into temporary storage in order to make it easy to distribute and transport them later on. This means that in some cases the transfer point at the end of the conveyor system needs to be positioned at a much higher level than the head station.

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