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Meeting the Requirements: Getting the Best from Conveyor Belts

Written by Williams, L. edited by mhd on 13. Feb. 2024
Conveyors continue to remain the most effective method of on-site transportation but their durability and reliability can be critical factors in both productivity and cost management. Experienced users certainly need no reminder of the huge cost implications of a plant downtime because a conveyor belt needs to be repaired or replaced.

Especially during recent years, the technology used to manufacture conveyor belts has advanced enormously and today’s users of belts should rightfully expect a much higher level of performance and longer operational life from their belts. Sadly, this is quite frequently not the case. Getting the best advice and guidance is not always as easy because for many suppliers and service companies, conveyor belts that last longer and require less maintenance are not good for business. In some cases, their philosophy seems to be ‘sell cheap and replace often’.

As if to confuse the user even further, conveyor belt suppliers (and the companies that fit and maintain them) also seem to have developed a language all of their own. Therefore, some basic information might be useful for those users who may not necessarily be conveyor belt experts. Hence, the following sections will provide general information on conveyor belt construction and give some valuable advice on how to choose the best type of conveyor belt to deal with the different kinds of requirements that are placed on them.

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