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Ajax Equipment
Screw Feeders, Screw Conveyors, IBC Systems, Hopper Design, Powder Tes
Milton Works, Mule Street
Bolton BL2 2AR
United Kingdom
+44 1204 386 723
+44 1204 363 706
About Ajax Equipment
AJAX EQUIPMENT, bulk handling specialists, has been providing innovative and practical solutions to the Bulk Solids Handling Industry for over 40 years. The UK company based in Bolton, near Manchester supplies solids handling and processing equipment internationally to the pharmaceutical, confectionery, food, chemical and many other industries.

What we do
The principle activity of AJAX is the design and manufacture of screw based equipment supplemented by a wide range of accessories and systems, with emphasis on the reliable flow of solids in storage, feeding, handling and processing applications. All equipment is manufactured in-house by our experianced craftsmen. Our equipment conforms to ATEX requirements and the pressure equipment directives when required.

Our Team
The team at AJAX comprises of experienced technical and design personnel supported by a highly skilled workforce that manufacture all its equipment. The evaluation of all clients’ requirements is based on a thorough understanding of the principles of powder and bulk material properties. In-house test laboratories include facilities for characterising and measuring the slip and flow related properties of the bulk solids, including Wall Friction, Vertical Shear, Tensile and Cohesive properties. AJAX provides all its clients with comprehensive design drawings to the highest standards using the latest CAD technology.

Over the last twelve months AJAX has designed, developed and secured major orders for UK and overseas pharmaceutical industries. This is in addition to the world-wide success generated by the ‘AJAX Continuous Mixer’. The principle feature of our ‘Continuous Mixer’ is the ability to produce a homogenous mixture of ingredients using friable constituents. Recently customers have successfully mixed crisp and fudge pieces, with viscous pastes to secure an even dissipation. The mixer is also suitable to meet the processing needs of a wide range of industries.

Test & Hire Equipment
AJAX has a comprehensive test centre, which includes a variety of screw feeders, screw conveyors, mixers, hoppers and devices to promote flow. These facilities are available to clients who can also hire equipment for on-site testing.

AJAX has embraced new technologies to improve its service to industry. It is a leading company in technical education, regularly contributes to seminars and conferences, and has written books on Screw Feeders and Segregation. Strong contacts with educational and research establishments have actively developed a unique ’State of the Art’ approach to powder handling technology. Steady and consolidated growth has established a firm foundation for the future.

AJAX EQUIPMENT has a wide customer base and future company growth will come from a combination of continued product innovation and adherence to quality design and manufacture for top equipment performance. This, together with our focus on service excellence ensures a high level of continued customer satisfaction in support of its mission to provide a world leading service to the Bulk Solids Handling Industry.

For more information visit or telephone on 01204 386723

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