PE Protective film,LDPE Surface protection film

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We can manufacture all types of PE protective Film with low adhesive, medium adhesive, high adhesive, extra high adhesive.

And colors of PE Protective Film have transparent, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, etc.

PE Protective film made of Polyethylene film coated with acrylic adhesive.

Our Polyethylene Protective film can protect numerous products to avoid scratch, damages, etc.

Thickness: 30micton to 120micron

Width: 50mm to 2000mm

PE Protective film Application: Decorative board and poly-steel material of Al-plastic bonding board, Al ceiling,

Chemical PP, PVC board, stainless steel board, galvanized board etc.

Black White PE Protective film is to protective the surface of aluminum composites panels,floor,steel plate,etc.

Below is Black White PE Protective film Specifications:

Basic Substance(Polymer):LLDPE or LLDPE/LDPE,LDPE

Standard thickness: 80micron

Thickness Tolerance:+/-0,0025

Width: 2000mm

Elongation at Break: >= 500%

Tensible Strength: >=25 Mpa

Packing: Standard,dust-proof and water-proof packing for each roll.


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