Fire Resistant Belt - Not Troughing And Tracking Issues

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We have installed a new incline ore handling conveyor (250m length) and radial stacker (30m length). The belts were installed in September 2023 and now were are commissioning the system. Belts on both incline conveyor are considerably hard (90 Shore A) and will not trough in the 35 degree idlers. The areas of the belt around the splices are nearly perfectly flat. The belts were spec'd for this system and per the data sheets the troughability is acceptable. These belts have been stored on reels on site for 3+ years before being used. Does anyone have any experience with long term storage of belts and degradation? It seems as though there is a lot of "memory" in the belt and it wants to stay flat. We're struggling with belt tracking as only the edge of the belt is touching the rollers.



The following is a wild…

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The following is a wild guess, and unrelated to storage, though perhaps temperature is risk escalation factor.

Can you please advise if the installation temperature less than the troughability conditioning temperature that is ~ 23 C according to AS 1334.4, though may be different in your application?

E.g. Refer following:


The troughability ratio F/L reduces with decreasing temperature.




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We are operating in a…

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We are operating in a Northern environment. Average temperature during break in is negative -20C.

Still working on break in and seeking belt substitution.

Ill check into AS 1334.4, thanks!


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