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Slurry, Paste and Cake: Transport by hydraulic driven Piston Pumps

Written by Das, S. & Peschken, P. edited by mhd on 13. Feb. 2024
The traditional way to transport liquids and semi liquid material generally uses a lot of water. But nowadays, where water has become a limited resource, this is no longer acceptable. However, the amount of water needed can be easily reduced – by selecting the right kind of pumping system.

In search for a solution to reduce the amount of water needed for the hydraulic transport of solids, Putzmeister Solid Pumps has developed, in the last couple of decades, a pumping system that needs less water for transportation of any kind of materials compare to the traditional way of pumping. For more than 30 years double piston pumps are in operation in various industries. They are proven to transport materials which have earlier been described as not pumpable. Today it is state of the art to pump high density slurries, paste and cakes safe, economic and environmentally friendly, which results in a better acceptance by the public.

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