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ACHEMA 2024: Shaping the Future of the Process Industries

Edited by mhd on 5. Jul. 2023
Frankfurt am Main, GermanyFrom 10 to 14 June 2024, ACHEMA will once again be the place to go for the entire range of technologies and services for the process industries. With five innovation themes and the Special Show Hydrogen, the world's leading trade show for process technology will focus on the key challenges facing the industry in 2024.

CHEMA 2022 was attended by over 70,000 participants from 127 nations. (Pictures: ©DECHEMA e.V. / Hannibal)
CHEMA 2022 was attended by over 70,000 participants from 127 nations. (Pictures: ©DECHEMA e.V. / Hannibal)

The process industries are a driver of innovation and growth in the global economy – and simultaneously undergoing a transformation themselves. The “green” transformation is by far the most challenging project in the history of the process industry, with hydrogen potentially becoming a game changer. In many places, digitalisation is seen as the key to innovation across the industry – from plant engineering to the laboratory sector. In addition, fluctuations in supply chains and geopolitical divisions are driving the need for flexible and regional plant projects. That is why ACHEMA 2024 will present concrete solutions with five Innovation Themes, the associated Innovation Stages and the Special Show Hydrogen.

"The ACHEMA Innovation Stages are located in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition and directly in the halls, according to the respective topics covered," says Dr Björn Mathes, CEO of DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH, explaining the concept. "Each Innovation Stage will feature keynotes, expert panel discussions and case study presentations from both users and solution providers."

Process Innovation: Making plants future-proof

Innovations in process technology are at the heart of ACHEMA. Process technology today is at a crossroads: While new investments in "green technologies" are growing at an unprecedented pace, it is becoming increasingly complex to maintain operations and keep existing plants in the market. This is where the Process Innovation Stage comes in, with topics such as electrification, making chemical processes more flexible and efficient, and contributions on smart technology, equipment, analytics and operations.

Pharma Innovation: Experience the latest in pharmaceutical technology

Pharma technology is the fastest-growing community at ACHEMA, and the pharmaceutical industry has never been more exciting. As new research and production methods are developed and new sites are established around the world, existing processes must meet increasingly stringent requirements and standards. In addition to numerous other Pharma Innovation topics, biopharmaceutical production will be a particular focus of discussion in 2024.

Green Innovation: On the path to sustainable transformation

Production-integrated environmental protection, efficient industrial water management and the integration of molecular and industrial biotechnology have already become hallmarks of ACHEMA. But Green Innovation by now also means solving the challenge of carbon-neutral production in the process industry, as well as addressing issues around the circular economy, ESG and sustainable investment. As the biggest transformation challenge the chemical industry has ever faced, carbon-neutral production requires a technological leap forward in apparatus and plant engineering.

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