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AirScrape - The Contact Free Conveyor Belt Skirting

Edited by mhd on 17. Jan. 2024
AirScrape is a newly patented German designed and manufactured conveyor belt skirting system which hovers freely above the conveyor belt, eliminating skirt friction & belt damage. It’s unique array of inward facing hardened steel diagonal blades, defl ects larger particles inwards while it uses the airfl ow of the conveyor belt and conveyed material to create an inward suction, fl owing any dust and fi ne particles back in to the product flow.

Advantages and  Benefits:

  • Works very effectively on both large and fine particles
  • Reduces dust emission and explosion hazards
  • Eliminates belt damage due to absence of skirt contact
  • Hardened steel blades reduces skirt wear
  • Reduces motor power requirement as there is no belt-skirt friction
  • Vastly prolongs life expectancy due to lack of belt contact
  • Reduced product loss
  • Significantly reduced maintenance and replacement cost
  • Easy installation and can normally use existing clamping system
  • Continuous skirting with no gaps

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