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4B Group opens new Office in China

Edited by mhd on 6. Nov. 2018
Leeds, United Kingdom
4B China Team (left to right): Brave Song (Electrical Sales Engineer), Brian Zhu (Managing Director), Carl Braime (Group Sales Director) & Chen Zhilong (Warehouse & Logistics Manager)

The 4B Group Specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of components for the bulk material handling industry. The 4B product range includes elevator buckets, elevator bolts, elevator belting and belt fasteners, forged chain, level controls and hazard monitoring sensors and control systems that reduce the risk of explosions in hazardous areas and minimize downtime through predictive maintenance.4Bs customer base in China has been growing and the company recognizes the huge importance of the Chinese market. With its local presence in China, the 4B Group is aiming to provide a first class technical support and after sales service to its local customer base, a service which 4B feel is vital, particularly for its electronics range.Zhu Biwei has put together an experienced team for sales and marketing, after-sales support, and engineering advice. 4B has developed in-house engineering programs to help upgrade existing elevators and conveyors, make recommendations for new equipment and provide solutions. A large local warehouse stocking 4B product ensures fast delivery. 4B wants to support its customers in their development with ‘value-added’ products and through sharing its market knowledge, expertise and engineering services with its customers.Zhu Biwei, Managing Director of 4B China, is looking forward to the challenges ahead: "We look forward to serving our Chinese customers even better in the future. The Chinese economy is continuously growing, but now with more focus on quality, efficiency and innovation. Chinese society is increasingly aware of the need to save energy and protect the environment and conscious of the importance of quality and safety. For this purpose, 4B’s innovative hazard monitoring solutions will benefit more Chinese customers. 4B works closely with many internationally recognized equipment manufacturers and multi- national bulk material handling and processing facilities some of whom have an established presence in China. 4B is an internationally recognized and trusted supplier of material handling components and looks forward to strengthening existing relations and building new ones with customers in China”.

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