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OneStone Consulting Ltd. Becomes an Associate Corporate Member of WCA

Edited by mhd on 9. Aug. 2023
London, United Kingdom & Varna, BulgariaThe World Cement Association (WCA) announced today it is welcoming OneStone Consulting, a management consulting firm with global reach, as an Associate Corporate Member. OneStone Consulting provides a comprehensive range of tailor-made market reports, strategic advisory and sustainability consulting services catering to various industries including plant and machinery suppliers, cement and building material industries, mining and other process industries, provate equity companies and investors.

Recognising the importance of environmental responsibility, OneStone Consulting guides cement companies toward implementing sustainable practices and advancing circular economy initiatives that reduce carbon footprints and promote growth and improved profitability. 

These goals will also be reflected in the WCA's upcoming Annual Conference, in which industry leaders will share insights on how to accelerate innovation and promote responsible practices, and contribute to shaping a greener future of the cement sector while maintaining and improving profitability.

"OneStone Consulting's wide ranging expertise will be valuable to WCA's members as they meet the challenges brought about by the multiple global crises. OneStone's expertise in market intelligence, strategic consulting, and sustainability aligns with WCA's mission to drive sustainable development in the cement industry," says Ian Riley, WCA's CEO.

 "We're very pleased to be joining WCA and look forward to sharing our extensive experience and research methodologies in order to help enhance technical and economical efficiency within organisations, as well as learning from other industry stakeholders across WCA's network," says Joe Harder, Managing Director of OneStone Consulting. 

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