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Coperion at Powtech 2023: New Full Access System for Rotary Valves simplifies Access and Cleaning

Edited by mhd on 14. Sep. 2023
Weingarten, GermanyAt Powtech 2023, Coperion is presenting a new development within the proven FX full access series for rotary valves. Alongside the proven FXS system with the swing-out configuration, there is now the FXL linear version available for easy extraction of the rotor from the housing, creating simplified, linear access to the valve’s interior.

The new FXL extraction device not only allows for secure and simple handling but also offers high reliability. This system is especially suited for larger rotary valves and is ideal wherever strict hygienic requirements are in force and the rotary valves must be cleaned often.

FX Full Access System for strict hygienic Requirements

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The newly developed FXL extraction system is suited for especially safe and simple cleaning, providing free access to the rotary valve interior, and is thus ideal for applications with the strictest hygienic requirements. (Photo: Coperion, Weingarten, Germany)

Coperion FX (full access) extraction devices for rotary valves have been developed especially for applications with strict hygienic requirements in food production. These systems offer free, unimpeded access to the rotary valve’s interior, for fast and easy cleaning or inspection. The newly developed FXL system is equipped with side-mounted linear guide bars that allow the rotor to be extracted from the housing with great ease and then later precisely re-installed without hindering access to the housing’s interior.

By using a hinge, the extracted rotor can be swung to the side in various positions and pushed to the back along the guide bars. With these individual options, both the valve interior as well as the pivotable rotor itself can be optimally cleaned, even under conditions where space is tight. The guide bars are equipped with shaft seals on both sides of each bearing to ensure hygienic sealing. An ergonomic handle makes it easy to pull the rotor out and push it back into place. The side cover on the drive side can swing to the side, allowing for complete access to the valve from both sides. Along with optimized handling for cleaning, the system demonstrates low wear as well as long operational life and corresponding cost savings. The linear system can be retrofitted on existing rotary valves. 

In order to fulfill the increased hygiene demands upon food manufacturers, Coperion has also optimized the manufacture of the rotary valves themselves. By using housings of optimized casting quality, the new rotary valves exhibit smooth outside surfaces with very little ribbing — ideal for easily removing product buildup that may collect on the rotary valve in the production environment.

Visit Coperion at POWTECH 2023, Hall 4, Stand 370

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