Excel Sheet Calculation

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Excel sheet calculation for pneumatic conveying design soft ware

Please anybody in the forum that have the software and explain how it can be used is highly welcome.My email address is asimiyu-olatunde.amusa@wapco.lafarge.com

I will also like to know what is the recomended maximum distance from FKpum to the silo ,also appropriate pipe diameter for transport line.

Re: Excel Sheet Calculation

Posted on 6. Oct. 2011 - 02:39

Dear amusaolatunde

I assume that you are referring to pneumatic cement conveying.

A FK pump is just a feeder device for pneumatic conveying installations.

As such, the FK pump feeds a certain amount of cement into a conveying pipeline where the conveying pressure exists.

The subsequent pneumatic conveying installation has no influence on the feeder and can be designed as required in tons/hr and conveying length.

Important in this design is that the designed conveying pressure does not exceed the maximum allowable backpressure of the FK screwfeeder.

Another pneumatic cement conveying system is with the use of alternating pressure tanks, with an energetic advantage over the FK pump system.

The choice between an FK system and a double tank system is very depending on the actual application and circumstances.

From your thread cannot be evaluated how the situation and requirements are.

If you like, I can make a preliminary calculation for you, if you can supply the necessary information.



Conveying length horizontal

Conveying length vertical

Number of bends


Atmospheric conditions (Temperature and RH)

Cement Blaine number (particle size)

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Have you already consulted well known suppliers?

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