Largest Kangaroo Cranes

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The Yellow Giants of Mesaieed

In mid February, two of the world’s largest articulated-jib slewing cranes with integrated bunkers, so-called kangaroo cranes, were handed over by Kirow Ardelt AG (formerly Kranbau Eberswalde), the world market leader in this field, to the customer Qatar Petroleum in the Port of Mesaieed, Qatar, to begin commercial operation. Both cranes, each with a lifting capacity of 50 t at an outreach of 40 m, and capable of handling 1200 t per hour, are used for the unloading of quarry stone, an essential raw material for the construction projects taking place in Qatar.

Because of the high handling rates, both cranes have been equipped with two bunker discharge outlets. By means of vibrating chutes and belt conveyors, the goods are delivered to the transfer points positioned outside the crane perimeter, allowing two trucks to be filled simultaneously.

The cranes are equipped as standard with FOG systems, atomized water spray equipment for the suppression of dust.

The installed video camera system increases the efficiency of the unloading process and ensures improved safety for the whole operation.

Thanks to excellent controls and drives, these cranes will certainly meet the most demanding requirements.

Because the cranes are equipped for semi-automatic operation, the crane drivers’ workload can be reduced whenever this is desired.

For this project, as for the first 2 cranes supplied in 2002, manufacture of the main steel structure and the final assembly work was carried out in the workshops of our partner FABTECH International Ltd. in Jebel Ali / Dubai. Afterwards, the cranes were loaded onto pontoons with special transporters and shipped to Mesaieed.

Final installation and commissioning were carried out without having to interrupt the port’s normal handling operations.

After just a few weeks in use the new cranes have already contributed to increased handling rates, confirming that their purchase was a wise and rational investment.

With this delivery, the number of cranes installed around the world by Kirow Ardelt AG, since 1950, is now approaching a total of 4,700 units.

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