Transport of Raw Limestone

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May 18, 2009

Five troughed chain conveyors and three bucket elevators for limestone transport in Herrlingen

For the transport of raw limestone, AUMUND Fördertechnik of Rheinberg supplies five LOUISE troughed chain conveyors with a conveying capacity of 270 t/h to the Herrlingen plant of Märker Kalk GmbH.

The troughed chain conveyors from AUMUND are used in the new limestone screening operation. Three conveyors will distribute the material (low-burnt material and kiln cakings) to the corresponding silos. Another two are destined for the discharge from the silos.

The set of machines to be supplied is complemented by three chain bucket elevators with center distances in the range of 13.5 to 43 m and conveying capacities of 50 to 350 t/h.

The Herrlingen lime plant which forms part of the Märker Group based in the Bavarian town of Harburg was already modernized and extended in 2004. This year the second extension stage will be commissioned.

The LOUISE troughed chain conveyor, also known under the name of ‘en-masse conveyor’, has proven its worth as reliable solution above all for the transport of difficult bulk materials such as limestone, gypsum or filter dust.

The chain conveyors are equipped with forged and surface-hardened fork link chains in single or two-strand designs to reach an optimum tensile strength. The sprockets are strengthened in the zones subject to wear. The flights are designed in such a way that they correspond to the bulk material characteristics and the conveying geometry – horizontally, inclined or vertically – to ensure an optimum transport.

The dust-proof components (standard parts) are also available in gas-tight, pressure-tight and water-proof construction.

The main fields of application for the troughed chain conveyor are the feeding of chain conveyors for various industrial processes, the discharge from silos and hoppers and the handling of filter dust.

The Lime-Gypsum department of AUMUND Fördertechnik with its proven LOUISE products such as the troughed chain conveyor, Centrex™ and rotary discharge machines is worldwide active in many fields of business. The specialists of the Lime-Gypsum department concentrate above all on processes during the manufacture of gypsum plasterboards, in flue gas desulphurization systems, during the lime production, in quarries or during the processing of raw materials.

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Fig. 1: Troughed Chain Conveyor handling limestone

Fig. 2: Single-strand Chain Conveyor as filter discharge conveyor


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