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Fenner Conveyors win 5-Year Contract with Roy Hill for Conveyor Belt and Splice Kits

Edited by mhd on 29. Jun. 2023
West Footscray (VIC), AustraliaFenner Conveyors have been awarded the five-year contract with Roy Hill, one of the world's leading iron ore producers. Fenner Conveyors has been contracted to provide conveyor services to Roy Hill sites since October 2021. Over the years, Fenner Conveyors has become a strategic partner for Roy Hill, demonstrating value as a key supplier for conveyor products and solutions.

(Picture: ©Fenner Conveyors)
(Picture: ©Fenner Conveyors)

Now, the long-term strategic contract will see Fenner Conveyors supply conveyor belt and splice kits for Roy Hill mine and port operations. This is a vital aspect of Roy Hill's business, as conveyor belts play a crucial role in the transportation of iron ore from the mine to the port for export.

Fenner Conveyors was chosen to supply a range of steel cord specifications, as well as ply belting featuring the abrasion resistant, UsFlex carcass design. All conveyor belt will be Australian-Made, manufactured predominantly at Fenner Conveyors’ state-of-the-art belt factory in Kwinana, Western Australia.

An integral part of conveyor belt installation and maintenance are splice kits, and these will be supplied from the Dandenong facility in Victoria.

Quality of the conveyor belt is critical to the safety of Roy Hill's operations, as worn-out or damaged conveyor belts can cause unplanned maintenance and downtime. The contract brings together Fenner Conveyors' premium conveyor belt compounds applicable to Roy Hill high-impact mining applications, including: Ultra Tuff™ for abraison resistance, Tuff As™ for cut & gouge resistance, and PowerSaver™ for low-rolling resistance.

Fenner Conveyors’ ability to provide high-quality conveyor belt and splice kit materials, all manufactured right here in Australia, is a major drawcard for the industry. By choosing Fenner Conveyors, Roy Hill is not only receiving quality conveyor products and services, but it is also supporting local manufacturing and jobs.

Inland Area Manager, Solomon Pender, said the team at Fenner Conveyors are thrilled to continue working with Roy Hill. “We are committed to providing superior field service and quality products to ensure that Roy Hill's operations run smoothly and efficiently,” said Pender. This contract is a significant win for Fenner Conveyors and a testament to their expertise and industry-leading products, helping to cement their position as a leading provider of conveyor solutions for the Australian mining industry.

Overall, the contract between Fenner Conveyors and Roy Hill is an example of how strategic partnerships can drive business success. By working together, Fenner Conveyors and Roy Hill are able to achieve their respective goals while delivering value to the broader community and economy.

Fenner Conveyors secured the contract in early 2023, with commencement in March 2023.

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