White Paper

System for Coal Car Unloading at Rail to Water Terminals

Written by Manning, E.T. edited by mhd on 18. Oct. 2023
The past and present decades have seen a rapid growth in the export of coal to foreign countries. Normally, coal is brought to the export terminal by trains made up of either unit train cars (cars of same size and capacity) or of random cars (cars of varying sizes and capacities). If the rolling stock and infrastructure required to handle coal is to be built anew, almost invariably, unit train cars are used to achieve the required high unloading rate.

However, in the case of facilities that are serviced by railroads that have a large fleet of random cars and almost a non-existent fleet of unit train cars, new ways must be found to unload random cars efficiently. This is particularly true of export terminals located on the eastern seaboard of the USA.

This paper will review traditional and modern day car unloading methods at rail to water terminals. Unloading rates and associated manpower requirements will be reviewed in terms of what is practical and achieved today. Influence of site layout on unloading schemes and efficiency will be discussed.

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