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Russell-Finex: Vibrating Screener for Coffee Granules

Edited by mhd on 13. Oct. 2017
Feltham, United Kingdom

In this demonstration video, spray-dried granules are check-screened using the Russell Compact Sieve®. This industrial sieve for coffee granules removes all oversized contamination and is ideal for high-capacity safety screening of food and beverage powders and granulates. The oversized material is removed, whilst only the granules of the desired size pass through the mesh, and are collected for packaging.This range of vibrating screening machines for coffee granules and other food products is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, fitting neatly into existing production lines, and providing considerable sieving capacity without the need for excessive headroom. Available in a sanitary fully-stainless steel design, the Russell Compact Sieve® provides the perfect solution for food and beverage processing and are easy to strip down and clean without tools, and customizable to meet unique customer requirements.Contact Russell Finex today to discuss your powder or granule check-screening requirements, or discover a range of separation solutions for food and beverage applications.VIDEO:

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