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Martin Engineering launches Pioneering Conveyor Belt Optimization Program in Italy

Edited by mhd on 16. May 2019
Neponset (IL), United StatesMartin Engineering, a global supplier of bulk materials handling equipment, has launched its successful Mr Blade conveyor belt optimization program in Italy’s construction materials sector. Mr Blade is a direct-to-site service to maintain and replace belt-cleaner blades – accurately specified, custom-fitted and regularly monitored.

Simone Memmola is Italy’s first Mr Blade technician, a highly-trained conveyor specialist equipped with a mobile workshop van allowing him to make regular visits to customer sites to maintain conveyor belt cleaners.

Already successful in the USA and UK, the program is an efficient way for materials manufacturers to improve productivity by helping to keep their conveyor belts running to achieve optimum performance. Clean conveyors also make the working environment a better place to be.Martin Engineering® developed Mr Blade after studies found that 9 out of 10 conveyor belt cleaners in operation were neither installed nor maintained properly. Conveyor belt cleaners that aren’t looked after create material carry-back and spillage, increasing risks to health (from airborne dust) and safety (due to manual handling to clear build-ups). Poorly maintained belt cleaners can also increase wear-and-tear on the belt, exacerbate downtime and reduce productivity.In Italy, Martin Engineering is already well-known for its extensive range of conveyor belt solutions in industries like energy and steel. The Mr Blade program extends this same offering to smaller sites – such as quarries, concrete and asphalt plants – which may not have their own on-site resources to maintain every aspect of the plant.

Productivity increases with the proper and regular servicing of belt cleaners. Clean conveyors make the work place a healthier, safer and more pleasant environment.

Andrea Passoni, Martin Engineering’s Business Unit Manager for Italy said: “Many construction materials producers believe that carry-back and spillage from conveyor belts is inevitable. But it’s not – at Martin Engineering we have the know-how and the products to solve these issues. With Mr Blade we offer a money-back guarantee that customers will experience better cleaning, longer service life and lower cost of operation of their conveyor belts.”“The idea behind the Mr Blade program is to provide a consistent, high quality service to help our customers maintain their conveyor belts so they keep their plants running smoothly. Mr Blade also eliminates the need to stock replacement blades and associated components. For busy production managers it’s one less thing to worry about.”To support the launch in Italy, for a limited period any new Mr Blade customers will receive the first product installation free of charge. Already several companies have taken up the offer including Italian construction group Vitali.

Martin Engineering has a conveyor belt cleaning solution for every bulk handling application.

Luigi Pinna, Olbia Asphalt Plant Manager at Vitali said: “We subscribed to the Mr Blade program at a number of our production sites earlier in 2019 and we soon started to see the benefits in terms of reduced spillage and production uptime. We anticipate that Mr Blade will continue to help us improve productivity and reduce carry-back and spillage, and we hope to extend the program to more of our plants over the coming months.”Italy’s first Mr Blade technician is Simone Memmola who covers the north of Italy. As a highly-trained conveyor specialist – equipped with a mobile workshop van – Simone’ job is to carry out proactive and preventative maintenance, replacing worn or failing components before they lead to a breakdown that stops production.As part of the Mr Blade program, Simone makes regular customer site visits to undertake Martin Engineering’s trademark Walk-the-Belt 18-point inspection regime. As well as the belt cleaners themselves, where necessary he will adjust, repair or replace the main frame and tensioner of any belt cleaner at no charge. An electronic record is kept of operating conditions on all conveyors in the Mr Blade program using the MartinIQ® app (available for all popular smart phones). This gives customers an assessment of vital components, including recommendations for avoiding costly failures and production downtime.Martin Engineering expects to launch Mr Blade in other European countries later this year.

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