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Flexco Europe at Ugol Rossii & Mining 2018: Easier Maintenance Work in Underground Mining

Edited by mhd on 7. May 2018
The conditions in underground mining can be extreme for man and machine. The Flexco Europe offers solutions that enable conveyor belt operators to improve their processes and considerably simplify maintenance and repair work in this harsh environment. At the Ugol Rossii & Mining trade fair the specialist company will also be showing the FLEXCO XP belt fasteners.
The mechanical connectors of the FLEXCO XP series have been specially developed for use in mining and underground operations. (Picture: Flexco Europe GmbH)

The mechanical belt fasteners of the FLEXCO XP series have been specially developed for use in mining and underground operations. They are suitable for conveyor belts made of woven PVG/PVC up to a strength of 1750 N/mm. Users can apply the fasteners with a hydraulic press, or manually without damaging the fibres. The flat design of the fasteners improves the approach for cleaning systems and reduces contact with side sealing profiles and return rollers. The system therefore wears more slowly, and the splices hold for considerably longer than those of comparative competitor systems. This enables mine operators to increase the productivity of their conveyor systems, as they have fewer breakdowns and less maintenance work.When a conveyor belt is stopped for maintenance, its own weight can create problems by distributing the tension unevenly. To ensure that a belt can be safely cut and securely spliced by service technicians, the forces in the area under repair should be spread over the whole width – and this is exactly why Flexco developed the TUG HD belt clamp. It is suitable for a variety of materials and belt types – and it also meets rigorous industry safety standards. TUG HD belt clamps are used to restrain or pull a conveyor belt and then hold it firmly in place.To carry out maintenance work ergonomically, Flexco will be showing an efficient lifting device at the trade fair – the Flexlifter. The Flexlifter enables service personnel to hoist the tensioned belt on the system to the required height without physical exertion. The belt lifter can be loaded with up to three tonnes and is available in three sizes. And because of its particularly lightweight construction, the technician can move it about with ease.At the Ugol Rossii & Mining trade fair, Flexco will also be providing information on its extensive range of scrapers – because where bulk material is conveyed, carryback is formed. For the operators of conveyor belt systems, this is a cost factor which is not to be underestimated. Scrapers free the belt of the adhering material. The components consist of a plastic or hard metal blade and a spring tensioning system that ensures optimum contact of the blade with the conveyor belt.Visit Flexco Europe at the Ugol Rossii & Mining 2018, Novokuznetsk, Russia, from 5 to 8 June 2018 at Booth 1.B10.

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