Hygienic Pneumatic Conveying Systems

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Pneumatic conveying systems in Hygienic Design for the food, pharma and chemical industry

system-technik GmbH developed recently a new pneumatic feeder in Hygienic Design acc. EC-guidelines and presented it on POWTECH 2010 for the first time.

The solids feeder in stainless steel in appropriate alloy fullfills the HACCP- and GMP-requirements, is free of dead spots, easy to clean, CIP – capable and piggable. The mounting connections are free of dead spots, cartridge seals are FDA-approved and surfaces have a defined roughness hight. The conveyor line system with centered clamping rings is easy to dismantle, the material entry is designed as disc valve which is free of dead spots.

The feeder fulfills the DIN EN 1672-2 hygienic requirements of food stuff machines.

system-technik GmbH applies this solids feeder according to the condition of the bulk solids in various pneumatic conveying systems:

Dense phase pressure conveying:

Fluidised powders are carried as homogeneous material-/air mixture using thrust.

Push conveying:

with indicated plug formation. Grainy products with close grain spectrum are streamed and “slided” as stand or plug. The plug flow is indicated by air impulse.

Dense phase conveying with bypass:

and nozzles or boosters for difficult bulk solids. For avoiding blockage longer plugs are being dissolved.

Plug conveying with bypass, impulse valve and relay stations:

plugs are generated and preserved and are slided without demixing through the conveyor pipes. Gentliest low velocity conveying for sensitive and abrasive products.

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