Rotary Drum Dryer

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We are looking for the Rotary Drum Dryer to dry 5TPH (tons per hour) of softwood sawdust.

Input is 50% moisture

Output 10% moisture

Heater unit to use either sowdust or most preferable bark.

Looking forward to your comments and offers.

Thanks in advance!

Serge N

EcoBioFuel Inc

Re: Rotary Drum Dryer

Posted on 31. Oct. 2006 - 06:48

Dear Serge:

If you are interested in looking at Fluid Bed Drying technology, Ventilex could potentially dry your product at lower temperatures, with less equipment footprint, and lower energy costs. Also would give you a much more even and uniform moisture output with our plug flow design.

We do not manufacture Rotary Drum dryers, but if you are interested in a potentially better solution let me know.



Sawdust Rotary Drier

Posted on 31. Oct. 2006 - 07:28

Aeroglide does supply rotary driers for sawdust applications and can also supply biomass burners system for the heat source.

Please contact myself at 919 851 200 or Conrad Chmielewski at 919 270 5625

Michael Whaley 919 851 2000
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Wood Dryer

Posted on 31. Oct. 2006 - 07:35

Scott AST dryers are used for wood products and wood flour drying. Info availalble at website or call Pete Calderon 817-296-0045.

HaroldvdL - Lindor, The Netherlands
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Rotary Drum Dryers

Posted on 1. Dec. 2006 - 09:59

Lindor is a manufacturer of rotary drum dryers that uses dry, warm air to gently dry a product.

We have references and consequently the experience with these drying processes. References on request.

For more info please contact us via our website ( or directly

Dryer Control

Posted on 1. Dec. 2006 - 11:57


Callidan instruments manufactures online moisture anlayser for real time control of dryers. Have you considered such technology. Fee free to visit our web site at and to contact me directly at

Ben Faa Business Development Manager Callidan Instruments Ph: + 61 7 4955 5966 Mob: 0437 346 164 Mail: Web:
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Re: Rotary Drum Dryer

Posted on 1. Dec. 2006 - 03:13

I can not offer you a drum dryer, as you know it. I can offer you a paddle dryer, utilizing either steam or hot oil as the heat source. The dryer uses indirect heat to dry your product, eliminating the potential for fires in the dryer. It is the most energy efficient dryer you can buy, bar none. It requires no airflow through the dryer, so no loss of heat and no collection cyclones or baghouses are required. Drying 5 tph would fit in a small footprint. If you are interested in discussing this further, you can contact me at


Mark McKee

Rotary Drum Dryer

Posted on 2. Dec. 2006 - 02:30

Dear Sir,

we are sorry we cannot help you since our equipments are suitable for vacuum drying of pharma products.

We would be glad to submit to your attention more information and tailored quotation regarding vacuum pumps, which are suitable for “dirt vacuum”.

For further information you may visit our website:

Best regards.


Sales dept.

Gebrueder Loedige
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Re: Rotary Drum Dryer

Posted on 3. Dec. 2006 - 11:35

Dear Serge

To prepare a quotation for you, we need more detailed data/information. Please contact Mr. Uwe Geick under tel. 0049/5251/309189 or by e-mail:

You can find further information about our company on the internet unter:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH

Uwe Geick

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Dryer For Sawdust

Posted on 6. Dec. 2006 - 06:15

Anhydro could offer a Spin Flash dryer operating under inert atmosphere and very suitable for heat recovery.

A propane fired test unit is available in USA.

Your unit could be wood or bark fired.

If interested, pls call Stewart Gibson at 401-245-8068

Best Practices For Eucalyptus Bark Drying

Posted on 7. Dec. 2006 - 01:36

Dear forum members, we, at PRAXIA, have the same request of Mr. Necser to find which could be the best way to dry eucalyptus bark. The purpose is to use the biomass as the secondary fuel in a cement kiln, which is already burning petroleum coke. We should be able to dry 20t/h@55% moisture (WB) to final moisture of 10%. The bark particles will be blown in the burner, so final particle sixe to be less than 1mm diameter, less than 8mm long.

Bark size (input for dryer) will depend on dryer type. We do not want to use a rotary kiln because of two reasons:

1) Very high investment required

2) Too large footprint.

Dryer complexity increases with particle size increase.

Milling energy requirements increase dramatically with moisture content.

So, there will always be a solution of compromise between these two processes

We have thought in two alternatives:

a) Rod mill grinder which combines both milling and drying processes. Test results are very promising.

b) Grain (seeds) vertical dryer (yet to be tested)

We have disregarded a pneumatic conveying dryer (Flash dryer) because of the particle size required, too much energy and complexity to reach particles < 1mm diameter prior to drying.

Any help any of you can gently supply us with will be highly appreciated. We have attached a photo of how the raw material looks like (left side material in the photo).

Engs. Walter Lusiardo / Pedro Garra

+598 2 9085100