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Italvibras electric vibrators for compacting concrete

Right from the very first models dating back to over 35 years ago, Italvibras has always paid special attention to the field of large civil engineering and precasting works.

The competence of Italvibras has proved significant in this very vulnerable context: mould vibration is not an exact science, apart from the phase when the main parameters are determined, i.e. the total centrifugal force to apply to a product which can even be as heavy as 700-800 tons.

Italvibras possesses the technology and experience that precasting enterprises, cement layers, manufacturers of moulds for the building trade, building companies and those that plan systems, need to rely on if they are to opt for the best solutions for compacting concrete. They know they can choose from a wide range of electric vibrators and “Vibravar” frequency variators.

Mechanical compacting with the variable frequency electric vibrators produced by Italvibras (ITV VR series with fixed and cradle couplings and 0 to 88 kN centrifugal force values) are able to quickly and efficiently fill moulds, compact the concrete in an optimal way with no segregation and achieve an excellent surface finish on the final product.

The planning and application experience acquired by Italvibras in this particular sector has allowed the company to design and produce motors with very low-loss magnetic laminations. They guarantee remarkable efficiency and a high starting torque at all operating frequencies. Italvibras is also very careful to keep the noise within the limits established by the current laws: use of Italvibras electric vibrators with the Vibravar and Multivar frequency converters eliminates the “resonance” effect of the moulds, thus reducing the noise levels below the limits dictated by law. Available with 2.2 kW to 30 kW nominal power ratings and with remote controls if required, the Vibravar frequency variator controls the variations in the vibration frequency during production processes where vibrating machines or systems are used. The Multivar high frequency device, patented by Italvibras, has been explicitly designed for precasting sites. Multivar can power up to 6 electric vibrators at a variable frequency and is simple to use, easily manoeuvred, compact and safe.

Italvibras can also provide assistance as to the application required and can supply vibration systems with centralized control panels, assistance during the start-up phase plus training courses for the technicians who operate the systems.

In the precasting sector, Italvibras recently terminated a significant job for Pizzarotti & C SpA, a company working on the TAV – High Speed Train project. This intervention concerned the Modena type viaducts.

For this job, 6 moulds had to be vibrated in order to produce 449 concrete beams 31.5 m in length for a project that included over 15 km of viaducts.

A beam with an “omega” section weighing about 700 tons was obtained from each mould. And the concrete used amounted to about 360 cubic meters.

Each mould was equipped with 100 Italvibras ITV-VR 2010 RS series electric vibrators.

The 600 electric vibrators operating in the Lesignana building site are controlled and monitored by specific electric panels for each mould. These are interconnected with each other and are able to overcome any momentary technical faults. Connection to a PC with remote control and monitoring functions using a suitably programmed radio-frequency terminal ensures that the vibration time settings are handled in an optimum way.

All the operator has to do is to start the vibration process the moment this is authorized by the casting chief. Programming is the fruit of results obtained during tests and when the first beams were made. Subsequent tests allowed us to get the very most out of all the potential offered by the system. We were thus able to identify the best number of vibrators to use, the right frequencies and to comply with the timing required by the Works Management.

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