Cement Booster Station

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Greetings Forum Friends

We require a Cement Booster Package ( portable or stationary) to convey 300 tph cement ( unloaded from ship using Siwertell mechanical unloader). Discharge arm of unloader is 8m long(designed to load 2 trucks on dock). This application is to pneumatically convey the cement from the end of discharge arm to a silo.

We are trying to source Companies that Engineer and Fabricate the Booster Package. We understand there are packages made that consist of 2 Tanks. As one tank is filling, the other tank is pushing product, tanks flip/flop.

Any Ideas??

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Re: Cement Booster Station

Posted on 12. Jun. 2012 - 08:02

Dear Al Goodmunson,

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From your description, I understand that a screw unloader, presently equipped for tanker loading, has to be modified to convey cement to a nearby silo or flat storage.

You are correct that a double tank reloader system can do that.

A bulk truck loading bellow has normally a free height under the bellow of approx. 4 m.

The convey tank size is related to the capacity and the conveying distance.

300 tons/hr in combination with a long (not mentioned) distance (horizontal and vertical) will require larger tank for economic performance.

The height limitation could be a problem.

Instead of a double tank system, a screw feeder system is also an option, with the disadvantage of a significantly higher energy demand and probably a bigger pipeline and compressor size due to a lower design pressure.

The cement booster package has to be designed, considering the unloader capabilities, conveying and storing installations and economics (investment and operation)

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