Connecting Brabender Metering Feeders

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Connecting Brabender metering feeders to automation systems without risk

For economical reasons gravimetric feeding in the bulk ingredient processing industries using loss-in-weight feeders and weigh-belt feeders is subject to the plant operator's demand for maximum automation. Within the scope of their overall control systems, suppliers of automation systems (PLC, automation software) offer integral solutions for direct control of the feeding process. Here, functional guarantees do well cover all control-related operations but not the actual feeding process with its complicated interaction of metering, weighing, control and regulation functions. Understandably enough, suppliers of gravimetric metering feeders are therefore not agreeable to guaranteeing failure-free feeder performance unless perfectly suited and tested proprietary control technology is used. Hence, it is the plant operator who bears the risk.

As a solution to the problem, Brabender Technologie offer their newly developed successor generation to their fully digital control and regulation modules ISC (Intelligent Signal Conditioner) under their new designations ISC-CM plus (feeder control module) and ISC-FC plus (speed control module with frequency converter). With all feeder parameters set and integrated in the Brabender weigh feeders, the ISC modules combine with the feeders to form "intelligent" mechatronic units. In Ethernet or field bus interconnection they can be interfaced with almost each and every automation system. This is made possible by a broad variety of interfaces available, including Ethernet Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, Siemens RK512, Modbus RTU, Data Highway plus, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, etc. Special loadable function blocks (software blocks) allow easy plug and play integration with PLC modules like Siemens S7 and Rockwell ControlLogix. The advantage: all actual weigh feeder control and regulation tasks are taken over by the supplier's optimally suited control electronics - the prerequisite to failure-free performance, operational dependability and to the functional guarantee demanded from the feeder supplier.

For feeder operation without central automation systems Brabender offers a variety of touch screen operating and display units for 1 to 32 feeders, depending on the respective model. Due to their host interfaces, they may also be used for local operation in conjunction with automation systems.

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