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Control dust where it begins with complete belt cleaning systems

Paducah, KY (September 2003) – Dust and carryback material can be major problems with conveyors. Due to the increased chance of violations and shutdowns by OSHA and the EPA, a company can save a great deal by taking control of the dust caused by conveying material at their facility. By implementing a Complete Dust Control policy, these emissions can be confined, sealed and suppressed, protecting the environment of fugitive airborne dust.

Arch Environmental Equipment Inc. offers a full line of belt cleaning systems that reduce the carry-back that produce piles under the conveyor belt and fugitive dust created by the return rolls “beating” the dust and dirt from the belt cover. This, in turn, eliminates dangerous cleanup and misalignment around conveyors and reduces downtime due to the cleaning. An efficient belt cleaning system also prevents unnecessary wear on the conveyor belt and conveyor components. Most importantly, this will also reduce dust emissions produced from weathered piles from escaping into the air.

The Dust Shark® Cleaning System works above and beyond the capability of a conventional scraper, by not allowing dust to become embedded in cracks within the belt. The two-stage washing action of the Dust Shark cleans the load side with a dual spray system that is squeegeed by two Gordon Belt Scrapers. The return side is then sprayed and squeegeed with a rubber bladed Gordon V-Plow. Up to 98 percent of the fine dust is flushed into the self cleaning drain pan and then washed away. The Dust Shark Cleaning System operates automatically whenever the conveyor is operating.

In addition to this system, Arch offers a complete line of systems suitable for every conveyor operation.

Arch Environmental Equipment, Inc., the Conveyor Efficiency Specialists, provides top of the line mechanical and electrical systems for all conveyor component needs. The mechanical product range includes belt cleaning systems, dust suppression systems, impact beds, sealing systems and many other conveyor accessories. The electrical division encompasses belt scales, metal detectors, safety switches and belt protection devices.

Each step of Arch’s in-house manufacturing begins with computer-aided design through final assembly and shipping. “Simply the best”, Arch Environmental Equipment, Inc has been supplying the industry with mechanical and electrical conveyor efficiency products for over 25 years. For more information about Arch Environmental and their products please visit or call 1-800-553-4567.

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The Dust Shark® Cleaning System


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