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DJS Process Consulting: An excellent evening at the ICheme Global Awards 2018

Edited by mhd on 19. Nov. 2018
Kiln Pit Hill, United Kingdom
David J Smith (Representing DJS Process Consulting Ltd & Vecor Ltd), Nigel Somerville-Roberts (Representing Vecor Ltd).

The IChemE global awards, in association with Johnson Matthey, celebrate excellence and achievement in chemical, biochemical and process engineering. Finalists demonstrate their professional engineering expertise across a range of industry sectors and projects.Vecor Ltd has developed a ‘grey to green’ Systema Leonardo technology which is an innovative process engineering solution to the worlds’ largest industrial solid waste problem – Fly ash waste from coal power stations.Over 300 million tons of fly ash waste are dumped in ponds on an annual basis and Vecor can eliminate this problem by essentially recycling the fly ash waste product as a major component in the production of ceramic tiles at lower cost, lower carbon footprint and with superior properties compared to tiles from the conventional process of tile production.DJS Process Consulting Ltd works in collaboration with Vecor, delivering 30 years of knowledge and expertise from David J Smith in new product and process development, design, commissioning, optimisation and trouble shooting.Both DJS Process Consulting and Vecor were very proud to be recognised by the Institution of Chemical Engineers for their excellence in 2 categories:

  • Product Innovation 
  • Sustainability

According to DJS process Consulting, tile production using fly ash will revolutionise the coal power station industry with regards to how they dispose of their waste. Vecor and DJS Process Consulting are very excited to be part of this exciting journey, helping to keep the world’s largest industrial solid waste out of the air, water ways and ​landfill.For more information on Vecor Ltd, please go to

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