Metal Detection on a Plate Conveyor or Belt Conveyor with Steel Ropes

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I found this forum through my internet research in terms of a detection device that we have developed and for which we try to estimate a possible market.

Hopefully I can get some advices and opinions on the subject from operators and suppliers in the bulk handling industries.

We have developed a sensor that is able to detect reliably all sort of conductive materials (ferous/non-ferous) even within an environment with a huge amount of metal around it. Our idea is to use this sensor as a metal detector above apron conveyors or above belt conveyors with steel ropes. At the actual stage the sensor is able to detect an M20 nut out of 700mm distance (with other material on top of the nut) on a moving plate conveyor.

Does anyone know existing solutions on the market for such application? Is there a demand for the device?

We thought about the protection of crushers that are fed with an apron/plate conveyor in the mining industry.

Looking forward for your ideas and thoughts on the topic.


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Metal Detector In Iron Ore Concentrate

Posted on 17. Apr. 2015 - 12:23

I have seen metal detector Raoul Lenoir (French) for detecting metal parts in iron ore concentrate, however we examined it for a M20 nut and it couldn't detect it!

Detecting small metal parts in iron ore concentrate is very hard.

detector board

parts detector detected

detector part above belt

detector part below belt


Re: Metal Detection On A Plate Conveyor Or Belt Conveyor With …

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I moved your post to a new thread for you.

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Metal Detection On A Plate Conveyor Or Belt Conveyor With Steel…

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Eriez Europe supply metal detectors that can work with :

- Belt clips

- Steel corded belts

- Mineralised ores (iron ore etc.)

- Mobile crushers

If you would like more information, please contact our Metal Detection - Sales Manager, Paul Hale, at:

Tales From The Orient.

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Whether a metal detector works or not is neither here nor there. Sensitivity is just one of those things. The important thing is universal tramp metal removal and until that day comes along all the rest is just sales talk.

On a man made island off Taiwan the Ho Ping power plant promised the mainland locals 'no emissions except electrical'. With typical oriental cunning, raw sewage was fed onto a high level conveyor feeding the coal bunkers. So when the metal detector actioned and stopped the conveyor some lucky person had to get up into the gallery and find and remove the sewage sodden marker bag before removing the contaminated tramp metal to a designated collector. Donning PPC and disrobing afterwards caused considerable delay and the actual selection of personnel caused even more delay.

We're not there yet, are we?

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Metal Away

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Fully supporting John! In the past / in my exp. it was that the metal detector was the lowprice equivalent to an overhead magnet of sufficient strength (+ all the related cost of nonmagnetic equipment). The "lucky person who got a job" approach in the case I refer was then to get up into a tunnel trying to find the spray marking somewhere on a conveyor way up higher than eyesight height. Nice. Downtime has to be no issue. As a rule, such equipment as stops the production running smooth is prone to accidentally get trodden on by the proverbial pink elephant.

Also, these metal detectors seem to have their technical origin in indoor safety / metal ingress protection application (airports etc.), so very often the heavy mining & bulk handling environment makes the disclaimer list longer than the actual IOM.

In the end, a crusher that goes down on a M20 nut doesn't earn the name...

There should be other pro's than that.


Rajesh Mendiratta

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Need to be see the sensor performance in a dusty atmosphere considering the ferous and non ferous

I Can't See The Wood For Trees.

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Quote Originally Posted by Rajesh MendirattaView Post
Need to be see the sensor performance in a dusty atmosphere considering the ferous and non ferous

Please explain your reply in some detail. In it's present form it is rather incomprehensible.

John Gateley