Vibration could be a Double-edged Sword

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Electronic-magnetic vibrating feeder is a relatively new type of quantitative feeding equipment. It transfers materials forward by the use of vibration, and materials are periodically thrown to the next equipment. Its use is very wide, for example, discharge materials from the silo; feed belt conveyor, bucket elevator; feed stone crusher and grinding machine; quantitative packaging and dosing.

In addition, electronic-magnetic vibratory feeder can also be used for automatic control of the production process and production automation. In mining, metallurgy, coal, chemicals, building materials, machinery manufacturing, as well as food, light industry and other industrial and mining enterprises, electronic-magnetic vibrating grizzly feeder has been widely adopted. It is suitable for particles, powder and granular materials, and also suitable for conveying high temperature, wear and corrosive materials, such as: chemical raw materials and their products, food, raw glass materials, ores, slag, coal, sand, and so on.

There are also many forms of vibrating conveyors, and they differentiate greatly with each in structure, but the main difference is the drive way. The normally used exciters are the eccentric rod driven, eccentric block inertial force driven and solenoid-driven. Other uses hydraulic pneumatic means as a driving mechanism of the vibration conveyor, but the application is less. The motor vibrating feeder is driven by the eccentric block inertial force.

The mechanical vibrations are harmful in many cases, because it affects the performance and service life of the machine. But on the other hand, the mechanical vibration can be used. Motor feed grizzly uses the principle of mechanical vibration to make the working parts do a cyclical movement, which is used to transport materials. Motor vibrating feeder is widely used in electricity, building materials, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, food industry, which is used to transport all kinds of sticky bulk materials. It is not suitable for handling viscous materials or particle size of less than 0.06mm powdered materials.

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