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Comparison of Stockpile Systems: Bucket Wheel Reclaimer versus Underground Reclaimer

Written by Althoff, H. edited by mhd on 6. Oct. 2023
The paper highlights some of the aspects in recent developments in the basic design of open and enclosed stockpile systems in the USA. Comparison and evaluation of solutions with different systems, such as silos, slot bins lowering tower, bucket wheel reclaimer, etc. are described Some applications for bucket wheel reclaimers are proposed. For large storage capacities the bucket wheel stacker/reclaimer will continue to be the key equipment in a stockpile system and is well worth consideration for any large future material handling facility.

The recent change in the utility industry from oil to coal requires that many power plants and ports have to install new materials handling equipment.

In this paper some of the aspects and recent developments in the basic design of stockpile systems for coal-fired power stations and other applications are highlighted.

It is not possible to give the proper advice for the right type and size of the equipment because all applications are different depending on various conditions and locations This paper may be, however, a worthwhile contribution and a helpful analysis for the engineer to compare different systems in order to approach the right solution In other words, is the silo, the lowering tower, slot bin, the scraper-, barrel-, or bucket wheel reclaimer the right answer to a specific project? Open storage, covered storage, longitudinal pile, circular pile, etc., are adding a confusing variety of solutions to all the possible storage systems.

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