Fire Retardant Anti Static (FRAS) Buffers

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I require a buffer that will dissipate 12.5 kJ of energy from a large swinging magnet, which is not uncommon, however the buffer also needs to be Fire Retardant and Anti-Static (FRAS), which is a requirement on the underground mine where these buffers are to be installed.

All of the rubber buffer suppliers I have contacted to-date do not have buffers that comply with FRAS.

Does anyone know of a product or supplier that could meet the FRAS standards as well as the energy dissipation?

The mine is in Australia, so an Australia suppliers would be preferable, but not absolutely necessary.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Lyle Brown
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Re: Fire Retardant Anti Static (Fras) Buffers

Posted on 12. Sep. 2011 - 12:52

Doesn't really answer your question, however does it really need to be FRAS? In QLD (and apparently NSW) at least the Reg specific aplications for FRAS are perscriptive and your application would appear to not be included.