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Hubei yidu Mec&Elec Engineering Co.,Ltd is an advanced technology company which the predecessor is Hubei yidu conveying machinery factory and now belongs to Yidu Elec&Elec Group, company gives priority to the design and making the conveying machinery, and manages the Mec&Elec products synchronously. Company combines Beijing lifting transport machinery academy and Taiwan heavy-duty machinery academy with twelve units is composing of incorporated enterprise together. Yidu mec&elec engineering co.,ltd is electric power headquarter and chemical industry ministry en mass drag conveyor appointed producing manufacturer. The registered capital of company is 40 million Yuan and with an area of 140000 m2, annual output amounts to 1000 sets/15000 tons, the existing staffs are 480 people. Company lies in Yichang city which locates the exit of Yangzijiang River, the east near to the Jiao-liu Railway, the south being located with the Yangzijiang River, the west face to the Three Gorges project and Gezhou dam hydroelectric station which are famous in the world highly, the north close with the Hu-rong super highway and the Three Gorges International Airport. So company has the convenient traffic and the advantageous geographic location.

The company owns the province level technology center which being modernized and constructs the local area network which the resources shares in the entire company scope and has advanced design software of three-dimensional variable I-DEAS which can three- dimensional sculpt, dynamic demonstrate and craft analyses and so on. We also has the only test platform of En Masse conveyor and bucket elevator in the domestic. Our company has undertaken and completed the study exploitation tasks of large-scale bulk grain En Masse Conveyor and bucket elevator for many times, which belong to the nation grade and the provincial departmental grade. Company has taken charged of drafting the nation standards and the industry quality standards, we have the following nation patents, for example, the high temperature droop head and broken-chain alarm device of En Masse Conveyor and so on.

Our company mainly produces En Masse Conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, air cushion belt conveyor, screw conveyor and gate valve and so on, which have the proprietary intellectual property rights. The products have the idiographic advantages in the following industry, for example, the products are especially used in bulk grain conveying with long conveying distance, high speed, large capacity and large lifting height; the conveying system of grease industry for steel plate storehouse and silo, raw materials in pretreatment workshop, wet broken soybean (air-proof and explosion-proof) of soak workshop, the thermal power industry for feeding coal, conveying powder double directions, conveying ash; the Haze Desulphurization system for limestone powder preparation, EBA auxiliary products conveying of the Electron Beam Desulphurization system, the Circulation Fluid Bed system for feeding coal positive pressure and conveying slag high temperature; the garbage power plant for conveying ash air-proof, the metallurgy industry for abrasion material high temperature. Now our company has already provided large numbers of excellent products for many national key projects and World Bank loan projects.

Our company has the perfect quality management system and has already passed the ISO9001 quality authentication. From 1986, our company started cooperates with Buler Brother Ltd. Swiss land and imported special technology of En Masse Conveyor, Bucket Elevator and Belt Conveyor from Redler Ltd. In England, at the same time, we also imported some key equipments such as Dual Flash Welding Machinery for flights welding and Many Punching for casing fabrication and bolts welder. So the quality of products, the output and the development of new products have occupied the leading status in the same nationwide industry.

Our company has the self-management import and export rights, the network of the sale and after¨Csale service is complete, the sale men service the spot of every client in domestic, provide the clients with design selection information and help the clients do type selection, guide installation and order products and so on.

Hubei Yidu Mec&Elec Engineering Co.,Ltd will take the science and technology as guiding, people oriented, take market as core, head up ,chest out and achieve the international first-rate level step by step with the first-rate products and excellent projects. We will forge ahead and write the glorious Psalter in conveying industry.


fax:86 0717 6917266

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