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Staten Island Coal Export Terminal

Written by Orr, L.P. & Thompson, T.L. edited by mhd on 10. Nov. 2023
The authors review the future prospects for the export of steam coal from the USA and the available port facilities on the East Coast to deal with this. The background to the decision to build a major new coal export terminal on Staten Island is detailed. The plans for the terminal, to be completed in 1986, are explained in detail and the factors leading up to systems chosen discussed.

The City of New York is proposing a steam coal export terminal for New York Harbor. The City s Department of Ports and Terminals has devoted nearly two years to the development of a design which will enable this project to come to fruition. We believe the terminal is environmentally acceptable; is consistent with existing land uses; and is economically attractive.

The port is planned for Stapleton, on the northeastern shore of the New York City borough of Staten Island. Steam coal will be transported to the western shore of Staten Island by unit trains, unloaded, and stored in slurry ponds at the Arlington Rail Yard. It will be transported across Staten Island by a coarse coal slurry pipeline. The coal will be dewatered at Stapleton and loaded into colliers at the rate of 4,000 t/h. Water will be returned to Arlington for reuse. The terminal will be able to handle 20 million t of steam coal a year at maximum capacity. It is scheduled to open in 1986.

The need for efficient loading terminals for the export of steam coal has been made clear during the past year. The United States, a major exporter, is not capable of meeting the increase in demand with our existing port system. For the U.S. to continue in its role as a major exporter of steam coal to Europe, we must ensure buyers that shipments can move through our ports on time and at a cost comparable to competing exporters.

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