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Munson Machinery: Paddle Blender with Choppers intensifies Shear

Edited by mhd on 2. Aug. 2018
Utica (NY), United States
Munson Model HD-510-MS Paddle Blender is equipped with four high-speed choppers.

In the new Model HD-510-MS Paddle Blender a high-strength agitator with paddle blades configured for the application pushes material into the path of the choppers. The combined actions rapidly break down lumpy, agglomerated or otherwise difficult-to-blend materials into discreet particles, which are distributed uniformly throughout the batch.Built for demanding applications, the "HD" Heavy Duty Series machine features a heavy-gauge, carbon steel U-shaped vessel of extreme rigidity, allowing tolerances of 1.6 to 3.2 mm between the outer paddle edges and the trough wall, minimising the amount of material remaining in the vessel following discharge of blended batches.

The paddle agitator forces material into the path of the tulip-style, high speed choppers, breaking down agglomerates and lumps for dispersion into the batch.

The paddles project radially from the main shaft, which is flange-mounted for ease of maintenance, and is powered by a 56 kW motor with foot-mounted gear reducer to a chain and sprocket drive. Each high-speed tulip-style chopper features air purge seals for long life, and is driven by a 5.6 kW motor.All Munson horizontal blenders are equipped as standard with hinged and gasketed cover sections, and removable safety grating with safety interlocks.

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