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Flexicon: Sizing-Dispensing System for Bulk Abrasives

Edited by mhd on 10. Jun. 2020
Whitstable, United Kingdom
Flexicon’s new Sizing-Dispensing System receives, scalps, stores and dispenses abrasive materials on-demand, dust-free. (Picture: © Flexicon Europe Ltd.)

With extended vertical sides, the surge hopper stores up to 540 litres of material, enabling the system’s flexible screw conveyor to dispense material when needed, while reducing the number of on-off cycles required for the independent pneumatic delivery system to replenish the hopper with material.The enclosed 3-metre conveyor, with curved, rigid carbon steel tubing and heavy-duty round wire screw, can handle a broad range of free-flowing and non-free-flowing bulk materials, from large particles to fine powders, including products that pack and seize, with no separation of blends.As the metering screw rotates, it self-centres within the conveyor tube, providing constant clearance between itself and the tube wall, minimising degradation of the material and wear of the screw and tube. Since the screw is the only moving part contacting material, maintenance is greatly simplified.The screw is driven by a 1.12 kW, IP-66-rated motor beyond the discharge point, eliminating material contact with seals or bearings and associated wear and failure. Both the screw and tube interior are smooth and crevice-free, allowing rapid, thorough cleaning. An optional rotating material chute allows manual indexing to downstream locations.The system is also offered with integral crushing or grinding equipment for the reduction of over-sized masses received from upstream sources.The hopper’s asymmetrical pyramid design with steep side and back walls promotes flow to the charging adapter, while a vent port on the hopper lid provides a connection point for static or vacuum dust containment options.The company also manufacture pneumatic conveying systems, tubular cable conveyors, bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag conditioners, bulk bag fillers, manual dumping stations, drum/box/container tippers, weigh batching systems, and automated plant-wide systems integrated with new or existing process equipment.

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