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Announcement: Michael Tenzer is leaving Martin Engineering

Edited by mhd on 28. Jul. 2021
Neponset (IL), United States

Over the years, he has been able to contribute his sales and leadership skills, as well as his multicultural experience, to the European and global business development, particularly in Southeast Asia, China, India, South America and Europe.

Due to his fundamental knowledge in the worldwide bulk material industry and as a certified trainer, he developed and presented noncommercial training programs in order to encourage own staff members, business partners and customers to work safer and be more productive. In addition to that, as a problem solver, Michael Tenzer was able to conceive and commercialize products that have been accepted in applications around the globe with several ideas resulting into patents.

Michael M. Tenzer

Im Kindspfad 6a

55459 Grolsheim


Tel.:          +49 (0) 171 4050492


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