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BEUMER Group: Determining the venting capacity of bags with a mobile unit

Edited by mhd on 27. Oct. 2017
Beckum, Germany

Bags filled with bulk material are then stacked flat on pallets after being closed. These stacks are only stable if the air has been removed from the bags lying on top of each other. Therefore, the remaining air needs to escape from the filled bags before they are closed. The quicker this happens, the higher the filling capacity. The new BEUMER bag tester provides users with important information on the filling behaviour of each bag. This is relevant for the manufacture of bags and filling technology, as well as for transport and logistics.

Picture 1: The BEUMER bag tester enables users to exactly determine the venting capacity of any type of valve bag.

A pressure-compensated flow control valve on the device constantly increases the volume flow rate until a steady pressure of 50 mbar is reached. With this pressure, the user can read the current volume flow rate, which indicates the air permeability, from the flow-rate meter. A filling spout with inflatable sleeve seals the bag valve during the air flow measurements. The scope of supply includes an additional inflatable sleeve for valve widths of up to 200 millimetres.

Picture 2: The BEUMER bag tester can be easily operated with the digital display unit.
(Picture credits: BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG)

The BEUMER bag tester can be easily operated with the digital display unit. Thanks to this feature, the bag tester is quick to use and new users can operate it without much briefing. BEUMER Group has designed the BEUMER bag tester for mobile use. For this purpose, the device weighs just 14 kilograms and is housed in a stable hard-top case on wheels.The BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation, and distribution. With 4,000 employees worldwide, the BEUMER Group has annual sales of about EUR 750 million. BEUMER Group and its subsidiaries and sales agencies provide their customers with high-quality system solutions and an extensive customer support network around the globe and across a wide range of industries, including bulk materials and piece goods, food/non-food, construction, mail order, mail and airport baggage handling.

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