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Ajax Equipment Mobile Sack-tip Station improves Powder Handling at John Hogg

Edited by mhd on 12. Dec. 2022
Bolton, United KingdomSolids handling equipment manufacturer, Ajax Equipment, has supplied leading producer of fuel marker dyes, John Hogg, with a mobile foldable sack-tip station to aid with the efficient discharge of powder solids from sacks into various reactor vessels.

The stainless steel sack-tip station is height adjustable ensuring controlled discharge from the sack-tip’s chute to each of the plant’s reactor vessels; the station can also be operated face or side-on ensuring ease of use. When not in use the chute folds back onto the station’s mobile frame allowing the machine to be easily stored.

The foldable chute allows the sack-tip station to be easily stored.

Commenting, Stuart Dalrymple, engineering manager, John Hogg, said, “Ajax’s sack-tip station has made a huge improvement to the way we charge our blending vessels, both in terms of safety and ease of operation. Heavy packs of powder are now easily handled giving the user a solid platform to work on without having to bend or reach. The chute and surface lip design contains the powder well, which reduces waste; while the station’s foldable parts and mobility mean we can move the equipment easily between vessels. In short, we are very happy with the equipment and service received from Ajax.”
“Ajax developed a handling solution with the flexibility to meet the requirements of three different vessels with varied interface dimensions. The sack tip shelf on the station ensures the operator had a much more ergonomic way of discharging sacks,” says Lewis Shaw, technical sales engineer, Ajax Equipment.

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