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AIS Construction Equipment Co. increases Conveyor Parts Stock, growing Partnership with Superior Industries

Edited by mhd on 23. Nov. 2023
Morris (MN), United StatesSuperior Industries, Inc., a Minnesota-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, says a long-standing distributor in Michigan has dramatically increased local stock of its conveyor idlers, pulleys, scrapers and accessories. With the expansion, AIS Construction Equipment Co. became Michigan’s largest and ONLY locally-owned conveyor parts supplier.

“We value the unmatched local expertise and commitment to customers that AIS Construction Equipment brings to the aggregates industry,” says Mike McFerren, Superior’s conveyor components sales manager. “Their substantial, in-state inventory for conveyor idlers, pulleys, scrapers, and accessories positions them as a key partner for producers in Michigan.”

Inventory includes a significant number of conveyor pulleys, which can be loaded aboard one of the company’s 53-foot “Parts Express” semis and hauled out within 24 hours from any branch. Additionally, the distributor stocks the highest-performing, longest-lasting conveyor idler available in the industry, says Superior. A huge selection of CEMA-rated idlers on their shelves are equipped with Titanium™ Idler Bearing Seals, which meaningfully extend the service life of idlers.

Locally owned and operated AIS Construction Equipment Co. serves Michigan from six locations in the state including Lansing, Grand Rapids, Northeast Detroit, West Detroit, Saginaw and Traverse City.

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