Witte Sugar Drying System

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Sugar Drying System Features Sealed, Explosion-Suppressed Design with Reinforced, 100% Stainless Steel Construction

Witte Fluid Bed Dryer Captures, Recovers Fine Particles for Safety, Productivity

Washington, NJ, USA - A new sugar drying system from process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co., Washington, New Jersey, combines a vibrating fluid bed dryer, cooler, classifier and integral baghouse collector all featuring 100% sanitary stainless steel construction for both structural and product contact areas to thrive during frequent washdowns, resist corrosion and minimize maintenance requirements. Engineered to safely process raw sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, sanding sugar and other sugars to a choice of particle sizes, the Witte sugar drying system includes an innovative, sealed design that sets the baghouse directly atop the dryer to capture fine particles entrained in the airstream and return them to the process as finished product without allowing any to escape as ambient dust while eliminating the need for dust collection equipment. This placement also captures the heated process air and recycles it back to the process to save energy and reduce the volume of air exhausted to the environment.

As extra safeguards, the Witte sugar dryer system includes an automated explosion-suppression system, statically grounded baghouse, reinforced, 12-gauge stainless steel and 25% more clamps than on standard designs for added force in joining covers, pans and panels. The fluid bed dryer is set on casters and rails to smoothly roll away from other system elements for easy access to the entire dryer for cleaning.

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witte sugar drying system stainless steel

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witte sugar drying system stainless steel

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witte sugar drying system stainless steel

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