The New Canning SuperDriveTM

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The Canning SuperDriveTM Jib Head Unit

The new Canning SuperDriveTM jib head unit is a new field conveyor drive without the conventional gearbox drive. There are many advantages on costs, maintenance safety and warranties. The SuperDriveTM will push the boundaries of conveyor drive systems into the future.

The principle benefits of the SuperDriveTM are:

• Purpose-build design for belt conveyors

• Total enclosure of motor, gearbox and bearings

• One of the safest drives available

• Low purchasing and installation cost

• Low maintenance cost

• 3 years warranty

• Much higher efficiency compared to conventional drives

• Hermetically sealed to prevent contamination of conveyed materials

• Aesthetic appearance

• Thermal protection switches prevent overheating

• Weight saving compared to conventional drives, and the weight can be evenly distributed

• Variable frequency converter

• Fewer parts

• Low noise

The SuperDrive™ Jib Head Unit is designed specifically to power ground conveyors operating in open pit and quarrying / extraction applications having the motor, gearbox and bearings totally enclosed and hermetically sealed inside a steel shell drum.

The SuperDrive™ has already an impressive track record with high profile installations (listed below) at numerous locations throughout the country and these are now reaping the benefits & rewards of the SuperDrive™ system.

• Cemex Cambusmore

• Tarmac Blashford

• Tarmac Douglasmuir

• Tarmac Cairney Hill

• Welsh Slate

• Hanson Needingworth

• Lafarge Whisby Quarry

• Brett Lydd

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