HAVER Truck Bulk Loading

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HAVER truck bulk-loading using the HAVER high performance Model 7480 H weigher

New application areas have been gained since HAVER & BOECKER’s high performance net weigher was further developed. By implementing the high-performance net weigher into a frame with a telescoping loader, it is now possible to fill free-flowing loose products into tanker trucks with consistent accuracy and at a speed of 90 tonnes per hour. Its rugged and low-maintenance construction assures long operation times.

High weight-accuracy was achieved through the committed further development of the HAVER MEC® III weighing electronics. Operation and display of all functions take place via an operator terminal with a graphic display. The simple and well-structured operating sequences are menu-guided or take place using function keys with pictogram fields. The plain text information is given in the country’s language. It is also possible to hook up the HAVER- DPS system for recording, evaluating and reporting process data

Mobile loading telescope by Haver & Boecker

The loading telescope can be designed as a stationary or a mobile variant. As a mobile system it is especially suitable for silo farms. The automatic docking unit limits dead times during silo changeovers. The required cleaning that comes with product variety is thus made easier as all containers are equipped with cleaning lids. The protective fixtures are fundamentally designed as safety doors.

Also the filling of FIBCs and Octabins underneath the telescope is possible. Optional extras include electric lifting and lowering of the loading telescope, automatic removal of the bottom cover in the filling position, pneumatic docking unit for connecting to customer silos and exact positioning using laser technology. Automatic water cleaning of the product path is also available as an option.

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