Controle Console for Level Sensors

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Enhanced Operator Interface Control Console for Continuous Level Sensors

Elburn, IL, USA - The latest version of the HMI2 control console provides local operator interface for Monitor Technologies’ continuous level sensors. The HMI2 has two RS-485 networks, with a capacity of 16 sensors each, to support up to 32 Flexar® guided wave radar level sensors and/or SiloPatrol® SMU SE “smart” cable-based level sensors. The multi-functional HMI2 controls the operations for the Flexar and SiloPatrol SMU SE “smart” sensors, displays measured and calculated data and performs/displays system and sensor diagnostic messages. Flexar’s real-time continuous output can now be viewed on the HMI2 display for immediate level measurement updates.

Another new aspect of the HMI2 is that it contains a built-in strapping table to produce volumetric or gravimetric calculated readings if the dimensions of a vessel cannot be determined or the vessel is of an irregular shape. According to Greg DeRudder, Product Manager at Monitor, “The strapping table is a great feature for when accuracies of normally calculated volumes and weights just are not satisfactory to the end user.” Also, the HMI2’s improved volume & weight calculations can include the additional amount of material contained in the roof section of storage silos with steep roofs (30 degree angle for example). The HMI2 combined with the Flexar and/or SiloPatrol can create practical solutions for many liquids and most powder and bulk solids materials and process conditions.

About Monitor Technologies

Monitor Technologies LLC is a dependable supplier of level measurement instrumentation, solids flow indicators, particle emission monitors and aeration devices for the worldwide powder and bulk solids markets. The experience and market knowledge gained over 50 years of business has earned Monitor a reputation for providing high quality and reliable product solutions backed by trusted customer service. Monitor is located in Elburn, Illinois, USA.

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