The Auto-Shuttle Magnetic Separator

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The Auto-Shuttle Magnetic Separator by Eclipse Magnetics Company

The Auto-Shuttle is a PLC controlled self-cleaning magnetic separator. To ensure maximum effectiveness, the unit can have up to 4 magnetic grids through which the product has to pass. The number of grids depends on the product and the type and amount of contamination. Magnetic performance on the rod surface is 9000 gauss. To provide this high level of power, 14 000 gauss rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets are used.

The advantage of this new type of separator is that there are no moving parts in contact with the product. The unit is completely closed so there is no risk of foreign bodies being introduced into the process line. The unit is not opened for cleaning so conforms to ATEX standards.

During cleaning the magnets are moved pneumatically, carrying any attached contaminant into a decontamination chamber where it is released for collection and disposal. Each grid can be cleaned during processing, in turn or simultaneously. The timing of the cleaning of each grid is controlled by the unit's control panel. The unit can equipped with a touch-screen control panel which indicates the state of the device, the time remaining until the next cleaning, the number of cycles performed and any problems.

As with our entire portfolio of food industry and pharmaceutical laboratory units, the Auto-Shuttle is made from 316 stainless steel. It has ATEX approval area 20 inside and 21 outside.

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