Aerodyne's New Nitrile Sleeves

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Aerodyne Announces New and Improved Nitrile Sleeves for the Vacu-Valve® Platypus and Armadillo Trickle Valves

New Nitrile sleeve option offers added abrasive-resistance for innovative dust collector trickle valves

Aerodyne®, a division of Abanaki Corporation, announces its new and improved Nitrile sleeves for the Vacu-Valve® Platypus and Armadillo, two of the lowest-cost, lowest-maintenance dust collector valves available. The replaceable white Nitrile duck bill sleeves are chemical and caustic resistant as well as abrasive resistant. The white coloring of the sleeve is the perfect solution to applications involving solid white dust, eliminating the possibility of dark specs which may contaminate a finished product.

Both the Vacu-Valve Platypus and Armadillo are a more cost-effective solution than rotary valves for particular applications. These trickle valves operate as constant discharge valves for dust collectors, hoppers, cyclones and other equipment operating under negative pressure. Their unique duck bill designs allow for dispensing dry free-flowing material continuously and, unlike rotary valves, have no moving parts to maintain. The low-maintenance Vacu-Valves require no lubrication or power source and have no controls whereas, rotary valves require a power driven motor making the Vacu-Valve the lowest-cost solution. They are ideal for "keep empty" dust collection units and are available in carbon steel or stainless steel versions.

Typical industries that use the Vacu-Valves include foundry, mining, cement, pharmaceutical, dry foods, plastics, chemical and manufacturing.

Aerodyne Vacu-Valve trickle valves are an efficient and economical solution for emptying particulate from dust collectors and bag houses. Aerodyne offers a range of valves, including rotary, double dump, slide gate, and knife valves. The material-handling valves are one of the longest lasting and durable in the powder and bulk handling industry.

About Aerodyne

Aerodyne has been specializing in solving dry material handling problems for more than 60 years through such products as large dust collection systems and low-cost, low-maintenance material-handling valves. Like its parent-owner, Abanaki Corporation, Aerodyne operates under the corporate motto "Clean Our World™," addressing material-handling challenges through innovation, customer commitment and environmental stewardship.

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