Suggestions or supply how to drill&tap a 440 stainless steel ball, RW58-65 hardness?

Posted in: , on 21. Dec. 2007 - 23:17

Can anybody supply a hardened 440 stainless steel ball that is drilled, and tapped, then polished or lapped to a smooth surface?

Or would it have to be annealed first, then drilled, tapped, hardened, and then polished or lapped to a smooth surface?

Are both ways possible, which would be the best way to do it?

Is one method a lot more expensive?

Please advise any and all expert opinions on this matter.

If you can supply a 5/16" round, hardened 440 stainless steel precision ball that is drilled and tapped, please leave me your contact information and or proposal.

Thank you!


stainless steel ball, 440 ss drwing (PDF)

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