Pneumatic Transport with the AIR-TEC system®

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AIR-TEC system®


by Dr. Walter Candini, Managing Director of Marketing and Communication

AIR-TEC system® is a leading company in Italy working in the pneumatic transport field. Established in 1994 it has always dealt with the pneumatic transport with a valuable technological know-how as well as a team of skilful professionals specialized in modern handling techniques of raw materials and other products.

These equipments are used together with handling and storage systems, and it is well-know that in Italy there is not any company specialized in this field supplying special components and equipments. Therefore, AIR-TEC system® plays a special role on the Italian scene and is a reference for the pneumatic sector.

In order to make a difference between the low and high density systems a high technologic contribution was required and also those craftsmen and operators who are able to develop efficient systems, obtain poor results.

AIR-TEC system® accomplished this task and has been providing new succesful developments of this technology on the Italian and international market. All those operating in the bulk handling sector or those who have handling problems with long distance and with fragile products and who want to decrease the environmental pollution, mechanical deterioration or the bulk size of their systems are concerned with AIR-TEC system’s commitment.

For example, they are interested in the production of pneumatics, in the “green” carbon black handling, in the atomized product handling without causing damages in the ceramic sector, in sugar handling without any pulverization, and so on.

The target consists in providing everybody with the opportunity to draw benefits from the air transport by making it easy-to-use also in those sectors where it is hardly known.

The materials handled are numerous: sand, carbon black, sugar, cement, plastic and soap grains, ashes, boric acids, clay, oat, bentonite, coffee, dried coal, kaolin, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, hydrated-lime, barley flour, premixed product, pulverized quartz, rise, salt, tobacco, melanine, iron oxide, barite, cous-cous, etc.

AIR-TEC system® works in all market sectors, from the ceramics where it has gained a great success, to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, plastic, iron metalurgy, foundry, mill, environmental, glass, paper and building ones.

The company has committed in technological research and development, using CAD systems and special software developed to upgrade plants and to store the handled materials.

A new product is being tested currently which is going to be launched in some months: it is an inflatable butterfly valve. AIR-TEC system® has several pioneer plants, from the 24 lt- minipropulsor up to the large size pneumatic transport systems. The pioneer plants are available to customers who need to check their handling possibilities of their materials. In this case they can contact the company speaking directly with the trial-department.

Range of products:

- TPA air transport with a capacity from 85 to 4248 lt, and tightness up 8 bar. Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems can be supplied for various conveying capacities over distances up to 1000 metres. They are built of either carbon steel or stainless steel, and can keep until 100°C.

- The 24 lt-capacity BART minipropulsor and transport capability up to 2000 kg/h, and the least air quantity and small sizes. This system is available in only one size model, it is made of carbon steel or AISI version. It is available with a KIT all included: the BART minipropulsor, the counterflange, the automatic control panel, the set up instruction hand-book and the CE certification. Generally the opeartor doesn’t need a special training and it take about an hour to set it up. It can be supplied with accessories, with the charging hopper and/or dust exhaust filter.

- Inflatable 2-3 outlet DEV switches, totally automatic.

- ATS anti-wear long radius elbows made cast iron.

- AT booster. A flow control and adjustment valve which also guarantees the total product control throughout the transport line. It is supplied with a manometer and flow adjustment device.

- The ACP pipe coupling make the pneumatic pipes mounting operations easier. The rubber seals allows a total gas or liquid tightness. They are made of galvanized and inox steel for food applications.

- VIBRA-FLOW fluidizer allows the easy discharge of products from the charging hoppers and silos, introducing a current of compressed air between the wall and the material. It can be installed inside or outside the container.

In addition AIR-TEC system® has launched on the market others products for the bulk handling:

- Svuota Big-Bag type ABS, with standard characteristics or with charging hoppers for toxic products with protective shield and gloves, and bag prestretching or upright cut systems.

- CLODDER cluster-breackers available in two sizes and very sturdy.

- AIR-FLU fluidizers channels, also suitable for food industry at high temperatures.

- LEVEL gauges with electromechanic mechanism.

- DELTA manual bagbreakers with or without ventilation systems to inhale the dust which is formed when bags are broken.

- Charging and safety systems for CSA type silos to avoid damaging the silo upper part and its accessories.

- AVK safety valves, necessary to avoid dangerous pressure and depression values for the silo and filter structure.

- AVF butterfly valves, used in the powder material sector with tightnesses up to 0,15 bar, supplied with different operating systems, such as the manual one, the pneumatic or electric with ratio-motor.

- AG slide valves with a dust-detector blade.

- AF dust exhaust filters with a filtering surface range from 2 to 26 m2 and filtering elements through the compressed air under countercourrent, They are made of Aisi 304 material and the filtering media consist of cartridge or sleeves.

- ANTEOS inflatable butterfly valves, with dust seal, being higher than 0,15 bar.

AIR-TEC system® is well known abroad too, where important plants were built supplied with their components. Some of them are as follows: Aleluia, Gresco, Modicer and other companies in the ceramic field in Portugal, Villeroy & Boch in Germany, Rako in the Czech republic, St Gobain in the glass industry. Hascon Engineering in the filtering sector, Treibacher in Austria for the abrasive material sector, Bridgestone in Taiwan in a large and important production pneumatic plant.

The air transport for products such as beans, rise, sugar, flour, powdered milk, coffee, cous-cous and food for cats in the food industry.

The air transport of powdered iron for steel mills with a transport lenght line more than 500 metres.

AIR-TEC system® operates in different international markets using distributors operating with stock and pioneer plants for their customers.

Some areas covered by distributors are as follows: all the Europe, Singapore, Thailand. Malaysia, China, Australia, Morocco, Tunis,etc.

The reliability of these products at low prices and an efficient customers and technical service allowed AIR-TEC system® to acquire the most important customers in the world and to pursue its first objective: to make the pneumatic transport easy-to-use and other than mechanic system.

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Re: Pneumatic Transport With The Air-Tec System®

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please give us your best price of pneumatic transport for coal ash with data as follow:

material : coal ash

density : 500 - 600 kg

quantity : 500 kg / hr

pipe line : 15 mtr vertical

350 mtr horizontal

6 pcs 90 deg. bow

tank you for your attantion.

best regard

djoko mulyono