New Insulmould® Mouldables

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The Insulcon Group introduces Insulmould® Mouldables

INSULMOULD® Mouldables are versatile products used as cast shapes, coatings, linings and for general refractory repairs. These products are based on high performance refractory fibres blended with specially selected refractory binders.

INSULMOULD® Mouldables are highly sticky putty like products, which only requires drying to produce a hard surfaced, low shrinkage efficient insulator. The tackiness provides good adhesion to the applied surface during drying, thereby ensuring a good refractory bond. INSULMOULD® is available in a ceramic- and bio-soluble quality. Depending on the application a low viscose mould for injection and a high viscose mould for trowelling and/or patching is available.

Typical Applications

• Hot and cold patching of refractory cracks

• Trough linings for aluminium and other non-ferrous metals

• Patching around burner blocks

• Coating for metal liners


INSULMOULD® can be installed with a trowel, spatula or caulking gun. It is easily shaped to the desired contour, by water wetting the forming tool and moulding to shape. Drying involves removal of the internal water. If the mass is small (less than 0.5 kg) it can be immediately fired to its use temperature or directly applied to a hot surface if desired. For larger masses, the recommended practice is forced drying at 90-150?C with a major uncovered surface exposed and adequate ventilation provided. Insulmould® products are supplied in pails for hand placement and trowelling and in cartridges for injection. In addition it can be pumped into place, a procedure which makes it especially suitable for hot refurbishment work.

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