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MEYPACK machines on show at two stands in Paris:

Stand 5A-D075 / Hall 5A for multipack and end packing

with new agents ‘Filling Labelling Packaging Sarl’ / Moissy Cramayel

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Stand 5A-D50 / Hall 5A for sack closure technology

with familiar agents Franco Pack / Crteil, near Paris

Multipack and end packing machines

In order to provide optimum pre-sales und after sales service plus spare parts stocks for its customers in France as well, Meypack started cooperating with “Filling Labelling Packaging Sarl” (FLP) some months ago.

The FLP team headed by Mr. W.K. Villbrandt has excellent contacts with companies in the industries where Meypack machines have been proving their worth throughout Europe for decades. A country as big as France needs a suitably well established team of experts with on-the-spot capabilities for close and trusting cooperation with existing and potential customers. In France the days of the one-man show that did not really satisfy anyone are gone. Today producers of food and drink products (the main customer groups of this German packaging machine manufacturer) in the neighbouring country have a competent contact for “multipack and end packing” in their region – virtually just around the corner – and also profit from the great know-how of the MEYPACK team in Germany.

Whether it is folding boxes, glass jars and metal cans, bottles (glass, PET, HDPE) or drinks cans (made of aluminium or tinplate) that have to be grouped to form self-service packs and packed in cartons or plastic – Meypack knows the strength and weaknesses of all widely used packaging systems and packaging materials. The machinery manufacturers from Münsterland have a reputation for their good advice to customers and can supply the right individual machine or a complete packaging line – top quality, made in Germany.

Visitors to EMBALLAGE 2004 have a chance to see the further optimised Meypack VP 451 tray und wrap-around machine in the flesh and to gain their own impression of the additional user benefits it offers:

Large plexiglass doors afford a very good view of the interior of the machine. They also facilitate access to all important parts of the machine. The speed with which the VP 451 adapts to different shapes and sizes has of course remained. What has changed is the location of the switch cabinet, which now has its place on the machine. This means the machine is more compact and will in future be delivered to the customer ready wired. These improvements result in shorter assembly times when installing the packaging machine at the customer’s factory.

In order to meet maximum cleanliness requirements, the designers of the MEYPACK VP 451 deliberately dispensed with frames round the plexiglass doors and eliminated inaccessible corners and edges on and in the revised machine. This means that cleaning fluids or free-flowing product residues automatically end up on the floor, making them quick and easy to clear up.

A new feature on the 2004 variant of the MEYPACK VP 451 is the blanks magazine. It holds 400 blanks as standard, and each blank – still flat – is held vertically in the magazine. Filling of the much enlarged magazine is now carried out at the optimum ergonomic height for the size of the individual blank. Even women (and others with short arms) now have no problem with replenishing blanks on the VP 451. Small improvement – big effect!

The VP 451 on show in Paris can be used as a tray packer or wrap-around carton packer, and always works on the lowering principle favoured by MEYPACK. As a wrap-around packer it will be running MILUPA children’s food in 200 g folding boxes (formations of 1 x 8)

Machines for continuous closure of bags and sacks

For years now anyone in France who produces free-flowing goods, fills them into bags and has (or used to have) problems closing the bags or sacks, or who merely needs reliable advice in this field, knows where they can be sure of finding it quickly: at Franco Pack / in Crteil, near Paris.

Their joint presence with MEYPACK at EMBALLAGE – as in November 2004 – has become a tradition. For those looking for competent advice, the sack closure experts of Franco Pack and Meypack – Sack Closure Division (formerly: Doboy) –offer extensive specialist know-how and interesting sealing machines at EMBALLAGE.

Since its market launch the “small” Meypack FTS-B sack closure machine for bags weighing 3 - 15 kg, which uses the same Fold-Tape-Seal principle as the “big” machines, has made a good name for itself in France as well. Particularly manufacturers of chemical products for the construction sector, and also producers of foods and animal feeds, have been convinced by the benefits of this user-friendly packaging. In view of the great interest in the Type FTS-B sealing machine in France, Franco Pack and Meypack have therefore decided to show this tried-and-tested – in other words successful – model to the sack-filling industries at EMBALLAGE once again ... and enlarge its fan club still further....!

The special feature of the Type FTS-B, developed for smaller bags: toothed belts instead of heavy chains make it possible to place the seal closer to the product surface than in the past (resulting in short bag flaps). They ensure gentle guidance of bags through the machine without leaving any traces on the outside of the bag. After all, end users expect even bags to have attractive, functional closures. And convenience is in demand: whether it be tear-open aids, reclosability or meaningful user information on the bag itself – consumers reward packs that give them added value.

The FTS-B presented at EMBALLAGE 2004 is only one of many machines in MEYPACK’s extensive product programme. – At Stand 5a-D50 in Hall 5A, the expert teams of Franco Pack and Meypack/SVT offer thorough advice not only on the exhibition machine, but also on all Meypack sealing machines and their special user benefits for the sack-filling industry.

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